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Your Questions Answered: Best Practices on Selling, Pricing, and Getting More Attendees

Your Questions Answered: Best Practices on Selling, Pricing, and Getting More Attendees

. 5 min read

If you're wondering how to boost your online fitness class attendance and revenue, there are several factors to consider. In the past, we’ve talked about building a strong connection with your clients, the importance of creating a beautiful and welcoming fitness studio, and constructing a business plan that leads to success. But one thing you’ll also want to consider is how you present your offerings, especially in terms of packaging and pricing.

In this post, we'll answer your frequently asked questions about selling, pricing, and getting more attendees into your fitness classes so you can grow your fit-business.

How do I get new clients into my classes?

The free trial is a tried and true tactic to give clients a taste of what you offer and get them hooked! You can create guest passes for new clients or existing ones who are curious but hesitant about switching to the virtual studio.

What they are: A free class for new clients to redeem in a live group class or a VOD class.

Best for: New clients or existing clients who are yet to switch to the virtual studio.

How to set them up:

To set up a free guest pass, you have two options.

You can use your referral link to give a $15 free class credit to new clients. If your classes are priced at $15 or under, their first class is now free! Even better, you’ll still receive what they spend on the class and if they spend more than $20 on Moxie in the future, you’d receive an additional $10 bonus.

Or to keep it simple, you can create a free Class Package. Choose 'free' as the price and set the limit to five or fewer classes. Then, decide if you want everyone to see your free package or select the option to hide it. Grab the super-secret link and share it with those you want.

Free passes can also be used to unlock your VOD classes. You can even pre-record an introductory class and share it right along with the free pass.

How do I encourage greater client commitment and repeat attendance?

Moving your clients towards longer term packages and subscriptions has the dual benefit of providing you with greater revenue predictability while encouraging higher attendance and loyalty.

We recommend creating several packages with increasing discount levels, in tandem with your subscriptions. For example, if your classes are $10 each you might want to sell them as follows:

  • 1 class for $10 (drop-in price)
  • 5 classes for $45 (10% discount)
  • 10 classes for $80 (20% discount)
  • $90/month (30% discount if you assume the typical client takes 12 classes per month)

What they are: Class Packages are a set quantity of classes that your client purchases upfront. When creating your Class Package on Moxie, you can set it up for any number of classes, at any price (including free), for use within any length of time. clients can redeem Class Packages on live and VOD classes.

How: Create a Class Package under your 'Subscriptions' tab in your Moxie profile. Check out our tutorial on Level Up for a detailed walk-through.

How to price them: Many instructors like to create Class Packages under the guise of receiving a free bonus class. For example, 10 classes for the price of 9.

How do I create a quick boost in revenue?

What do Black Friday, flash sales, and fitness challenges have in common? They are all tactics to boost excitement and revenue in a short period by offering a can't-be-missed-deal. If you're looking to create hype and spark motivation, try creating a special offer or setting up a fitness challenge.

Special Offers. It's common to piggy-back off holidays and other special events to promote your special offers. For example, a March Madness Class Package Deal or VIP Get Fit For Summer Class Package. Think about what makes sense for your business and brand and create a Class Package for that special moment. You can share it with everyone or, hide the Class Package and share it only with those you want.

Best for: Bargain hunters or specific groups such as your social media followers or other VIP audiences.

How to price them: Your price will depend on the offering but make sure that setting a time limit that the deal is valid for and how many times a person can purchase that deal.

Fitness Challenges. People love fitness challenges—it encourages them to prioritize their health and electrifies their competitive edge. These challenges also help you build sales both in the short and long-term. Challenge your squad to do seven classes in seven days, or why not, 30 classes in 30 days!

Check out our detailed guide on setting up fitness challenges.

Best for: New and existing clients, or re-activating clients you haven’t seen in a while.

How do I make recurring revenue that I can count on?

Relying solely on a drop-in or pay-by-the-class strategy is usually the wrong approach to grow your business. clients aren't committing themselves financially or emotionally to your offerings. However, subscriptions are a great way to create predictable revenue and encourage clients to commit to their health.

If you have clients who are coming to your classes frequently, setting up a subscription can also help them save money and allow you to forecast your sales better. Read more about recurring revenue streams here.

What it is: Monthly, weekly or VOD-only subscriptions give your clients unlimited access to your classes for the price you set.

Best for: clients who attend class multiple times a week.

How to set them up: You can set up subscription plans under your 'Subscriptions' tab. Get a detailed how-to here.

How to price them: One pricing strategy is to offer a discount on the per-class rate. For example, if you teach three classes per week at $10 each, give a 20% discount for a weekly subscription and 30% for a monthly subscription. So, your client would pay $24 per week or $84 per month for unlimited access to your classes and VOD library.

Getting the word out

Now that you have a better understanding of how to use packages, subscriptions, and promotions to boost attendance to your fitness classes, you’re ready to tell the world! Here are a few ideas on how to publicize your offerings:

  1. Send a group chat message on Moxie Messaging to let your followers know about any new promotions or packages that you’ve set up.
  2. Create an IG story announcement.
  3. Use the share button on the Subscriptions page to text, email, or DM your squad.

For a how-to guide on setting up packages, visit our FAQ