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10 Video Collections on Moxie to Envy (and What You Can Learn from Them!)

10 Video Collections on Moxie to Envy (and What You Can Learn from Them!)

. 5 min read

Ready to go Marie Kondo on your Video on Demand library? Last week, we released a new feature called Collections that allows instructors to organize their video-on-demand library and create curated playlists for their subscribers. As we've discussed previously on this blog, a robust video-on-demand library is a great way to develop recurring and passive revenue streams for your fitness business.

To get you inspired, we're sharing a few envy-worthy Collections that we've spotted on Moxie (along with details on how they're helping these instructors grow their biz!).

Collections that Make it Easy to Find the Perfect Workout

If you're an instructor who teaches several types of fitness classes or likes to target specific muscle groups in each session, organizing your videos by type is a great way to start.

Moxie instructor Ashley, aka Fit2daBeat, organized her videos into Barre, Total Body Strength, and Lower and Upper Body Collections so her subscribers can quickly find the workout they crave.

"As my VOD library grows, I want my attendees to have easy access to all of my videos and not just the most recent ones. I think this will help my students that prefer certain class types to be able to find them easily!" Ashley, Fit2daBeat

You can also take a cue from Christina Russell from Body Rebooted, who organized her workouts by equipment type. That way, subscribers can locate a session that uses the gadgets they have on hand, such as resistance bands, a Bosu ball, or dumbbells.

“I decided to organize my collections by equipment because I didn't want to have a set of core workouts, for example, and then the students didn't have access to some of the equipment needed.” - Christina

Group fitness trainer Pam Tate also took a similar approach and organized her videos by the muscles targeted, such as 'Glutes and Hamstrings' or 'Core.' This approach works great for students who want to complement their weekly workout with more focused exercises.

You can also do like Stephanie Lester, who created a Collection of 30-minute workouts for subscribers with busy schedules who don’t want to sacrifice their fitness routine.

Collections that Add a Personal Touch to the Virtual World

As online instructors, we're always looking for ways to bring our personal touch into the virtual studio. These next Video Collections mimic the in-person experience by offering extra guidance that you wouldn’t normally get from video-on-demand.

While on-hand modifications and adjustments may be out, yoga teacher, Ruth Hulett, found an alternative. She created short asana tutorials that her students can watch on their own time to break down and perfect a pose.

"Through the asana tutorial videos, I show students how to find the version of a pose that works best for their body." Ruth Hulett

You can also use Collections to guide your students to workouts that are best suited to them. Check out the 'Fit Over 50' Collection from Joaniefit, for example.

"The over 50 community needs focus on balance, core and strength - along with all other fitness modalities. I put this collection together to target those needs." - Joanie

Dance instructor, Cindi Lin, makes sure that her subscribers can choose the class level that's right for them by segmenting them by experience level. Hula for beginners, anyone?

Collections that Create Bonus Content from YouTube or Vimeo

If you invested your time, sweat, and smarts into creating fitness videos for Youtube or Vimeo—all is not lost! You can now upload those videos into your Moxie VOD library and charge for access, like Jordan Yates. She's taken her YouTube videos and sprinkled them throughout her Collections, instantly giving subscribers access to dozens of new workouts.

"It's been great to be able to add previously recorded workouts to my collections, so my Moxie subscribers have access to a broader range of my workouts!" Jordan Yates

Collections that Give Your Subscribers a Weekly Plan

Yoga teacher, Kristi Burcham, creates a weekly posture clinic that deep dives into a different pose every week. She’s created a workout for every day of the week that incorporates the asana through different styles of yoga.

“I’m focusing on a different random posture each week. I decided to turn this into a class series. So each week is a different asana. Then each day I look at it from a different practice style." - Kristi

Fitness instructor Mackenzie Stevens also created a week's worth of workouts, covering everything from Barre to Yoga to HIIT and ensuring her subscribers get a total body workout.

What We've Learned

From weekly curated playlists to in-depth tutorials, there are dozens of ways to create Collections that will add more value for your subscribers. Just remember these top 3 tips to creating amazing Collections:

1) Keep it simple. There are a thousand ways to slice and dice your video library but don't overcomplicate it. Think about how you'd want to browse a video library.

2) Add a description. Remember to add a detailed description to each Collection that lets your subscribers know what to expect, what equipment they'll need, or any special tips you have.

3) Share, share, share! Let your subscribers and non-subscribers know about your Collections. Set up a VOD-only subscription and use it as a promotional tool for new members. And don't forget to have fun!