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Using Instagram LIVE To Promote Your Black Leaders Day Classes

Using Instagram LIVE To Promote Your Black Leaders Day Classes

. 3 min read

Going LIVE can be scary, no matter which platform you’re using but it’s the best way to help get the word out about your classes on Black Leaders Day. Going live allows you to connect directly with your audience by streaming an in-the-moment video of you telling your followers about the event, sharing your class times, letting them know you’re supporting a great cause and encouraging them to book a class.

Seeing your face live creates a personal connection between you and your followers that’s very similar to Facetiming or talking on the phone with a good friend. This is exactly why it works – going live establishing trust between you and potential students.

Here on the Moxie platform, your instructor profile is linked to your Instagram account. This allows students who discover you on our platform to get to know you a little better and continue their relationship with you outside of the studio. This is a massive opportunity for you to add additional value to your students and turn them into long-term clients.

How To Go Live On Instagram
Going LIVE takes a little bit of planning. We recommend you start telling your followers today about Black Leaders Day and the organization you have chosen to support. But you want to make sure they are actually online before you go live.

You want to schedule a time to go live when your followers are online and looking for your post. The easier way to do this is to check your Instagram Insights.

When you switch from a personal to a professional account on Instagram, you’ll gain access to in-depth analytics about your followers and how they interact with the content you publish. You don’t have to be a tech wiz to navigate this tool.

Under the audience, tab your insights will show how many followers you’ve gained or lost, where your followers are located, the age range of your followers, gender, and their most active times on Instagram broken down by days and hours.

By studying this information you can start to predict when your followers will be online and go live to chat with them. One of the coolest things about this feature is that when you hit that LIVE button, each of your followers will receive a notification on their phone and can promptly join your broadcast. Use this time wisely.

Here are a few ideas on how you can use Instagram Live to engage your audience leading up to Black Leaders Day.

  • Monday: Let your followers know you're participating in Black Leaders Day and you'll be hosting classes to support your chosen organization. Let them know your class schedule is available and let them know to click the link in your bio to get to your Moxie profile.
  • Tuesday:  Tell your followers why you decided to support the organization you chose. What does the organization do? Who do they serve? Why is it important to you? Encourage them to show their support by showing up for one of your Black Leaders Day classes and let them know that Moxie will donate $5 for each person who attends your class to the organization.
  • Wednesday: Talk about your Black Leaders class schedule and share an offer. You can share your referral link to give a $7 free class credit to encourage new students to join on Black Leaders Day. Again, tell them your mission and about the organization you're supporting.
  • Thursday:  Let your followers know that you're excited to be an instructor on Black Leaders Day. Reiterate why you're hosting classes on this day and the organization you're supporting. Let them know you're pumped to turn your sweat into support.

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