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Types of Challenges You Can use to Boost Client Engagement

Types of Challenges You Can use to Boost Client Engagement

. 3 min read

Keeping clients motivated is hard work for both Livestream and in-person coaches. You may have a handful of dedicated clients who consistently show up for workouts, but even the most loyal clients slack off sometimes – especially around the holidays.

So what can you do to inspire clients to keep moving? Introducing challenges.

Fitness challenges, when done right, can motivate active clients to keep up with their fitness goals, attract potential clients, and boost your studio sales. Challenges help hold clients accountable plus give them a dose of friendly competition with other class participants.

Here are a few types of challenges you can host year-round to help your clients establish a fitness routine and keep them on track with their goals.  

Different Types of Fitness Challenges to Inspire You

Seasonal Fitness Challenges

Thanksgiving, Christmas, or summer are typical for people to slack off on their fitness routines or kickstart a new habit. Whether you're hosting Livestream or in-person classes, this is the perfect time to kick off a challenge to reengage your students and acquire new clients for your studio. Plan ahead.

A few weeks before summer or an upcoming holiday, you should outline your fitness challenge. How long will the Challenge be? What incentives or prizes are you offering at the end of the Challenge? Then promote your Challenge like crazy.

Here are a few examples for the holiday season:

• 10-Day Tinsel-Time Tabata
• 12-Day Bodyweight Blitzen
• 3-Day Snow-Woman Sculpt
• 7-Day Jingle-Bell Cardio
• 8-Day Hanukkah HIIT
• 4-Day Dreidel Drop Strength

Charity Fitness Challenge

If you've been a part of the Moxie community for any time, you know how much we value breaking a sweat to give back. Not only do you get to support the charities that are doing phenomenal work, but you also get your clients motivated to support and contribute to a good cause.

When choosing a charity, pick an organization meaningful to you – locally or globally. You can include your clients in this process by sending them a message in Moxie Messaging or linking to a survey to find out what organization they would love to support.

Hosting a charity fitness challenge is also a great way to partner with other businesses to sponsor the event or even match the donation.

Here are a few examples of charity events we've hosted on Moxie:

Authentically Proud to raise money for Ali Forney Center—the biggest LGBTQ+ youth homeless shelter in the U.S.

Move for India raising funds to support COVID-19 relief in India.

Black Leaders Day to raise funds for dozens of nonprofit organizations focused on health, education, rights, and community development for people of color in the U.S.

FitGiving to raise funds for instructor-chosen organizations and provide a 100% match for all money raised.

30-Day, 10-Day, or 7-Day Fitness or Yoga Challenge

Hosting a consecutive amount of classes (Livestream, in-person, or on-demand) is a great way to keep your clients active and engaged. The trick to these challenges is planning your workouts and making sure you can commit to hosting those classes (rain or shine).

With Moxie's new Challenge feature, you can create specific collections of VOD or live classes to offer within a particular challenge. We find that instructors see more engagement for live classes, but you also have the option of releasing one on-demand video each day for clients to watch and follow along.

Here are a few daily challenges to inspire you:

• 30-Days until Summer
• 10-Days of Yoga
• 12-Days of Core
• 15-Day Sweat & Lift

Get creative and remember to add a detailed description to each Challenge that lets your members know what to expect, what equipment they'll need, or any special tips you have.

Lastly, Spread the word!

Once you've created your Challenge, start promoting it.

  • Shout it out on social media. Create a short video intro and share it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and beyond.
  • Use the new Moxie messaging feature to tell all your past and present students about your new Challenge.
  • Email your fitfam, friends, and past clients.
  • Promote it after class to your regular attendees.