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Introducing Moxie Bethesda – the first-ever hybrid fitness studio

Introducing Moxie Bethesda – the first-ever hybrid fitness studio

. 4 min read

We're charting a new course for fitness with the opening of Moxie Bethesda: a first-of-its-kind hybrid studio that seamlessly bridges physical and digital to create an immersive workout experience.

Moxie Bethesda introduces innovations in fitness technology, spatial and programming design that enable members to enjoy an equally interactive and connected fitness experience whether joining classes live in-person or at home.

As demonstrated in the video below, Moxie Bethesda is outfitted with technology that enables coaches to simultaneously coach students in-person and via a two-way Livestream.

Moxie coaches undergo extensive training to master the art of connected hybrid coaching. This provides members the convenience and flexibility to attend one day at home and another in person with equal connection to their coach without missing a beat.

One team. Five Days. Watch this time-lapse as our new Bethesda Studio comes together. The future of connected fitness is here.

Designing the Hybrid Connected Fitness Studio

During hundreds of consumer interviews the past few months, we repeatedly heard that members want to hold on to the convenience of at-home workouts while also having the option to attend in person. Importantly, they want to retain the connection with their coach across both mediums, and they don’t want to have to choose all-or-nothing between Livestream or in-person. They want connected hybrid fitness.

Our starting point with the Moxie Bethesda project was to reimagine ‘everybody’s home for fitness’ as the place you are at right now, wherever that might be. This led to designing a studio and coaching experience that gives equal weighting to participants joining at home and in person.

The coach’s stage is equipped with studio-grade 1000 Daylight LEDs, state-of-the-art video capture, and audio mixing technology connected to Moxie’s proprietary software that enables virtual participants to feel as if they are “in the room.”

In front of the stage, coaches have large monitors to view and interact with at-home attendees. The Moxie platform presents live streaming attendees in a grid format and displays personalized workout data to help inform their coach.      

Another seven monitors enable in-person attendees to easily view their coach from any corner and follow the workout programs, providing all students a front-row workout experience.

In the studio, you'll find industry-leading strength & conditioning equipment, including Assault Air Bikes, Concept2 Rowers, Rogue battle ropes, kettlebells, sleds, medicine balls, and much more. We installed a synthetic turf engineered to absorb shock and stabilize participants during weight training exercises and incorporated an outdoor courtyard designated for more Bootcamp-style training sessions.

From the inception of this buildout, we set out to diversify this space to offer variety to our clients both in-person and online. Each element of this expansion guarantees that regardless of where customers take a Moxie class, they're getting an immersive, hands-on coaching experience from some of the best instructors in the industry.

Designing the Hybrid Connected Fitness Delivery

None of this would work without our expert instructors, who are committed to delivering superb experiences for our customers.

We’ve recruited top-level trainers who've worked for Equinox, OrangeTheory, and Barry's to take leadership in forging Moxie as a premier destination for fitness.

To best prepare instructors for this advanced hybrid model, Moxie Head Coach Jen Blackburn, a former GM at Equinox, developed a specialized certification program for our coaches.

Instructors learn about the foundation of presence and get active practice with presenting, teaching, and communicating among their peers. This program empowers our instructors to become master trainers of hybrid fitness coaching and effectively translate their experience from in-person training to our new format.

Moxie Head Coach Jennifer Blackburn leads a hybrid in-person/Livestream class at Moxie Bethesda.

One Studio, Many Modalities

It’s all about creating connections. Unlike traditional fitness studios, which focus on one type of training modality, Moxie Bethesda offers an intimate boutique experience with a range of group classes to keep clients active and engaged with their fit family.

We're providing the optionality fitness consumers desire from Yoga, Pilates, and Barre to Tabata classes, Metcons, outdoor cycling, run clubs, and more.

As we ramp up, we'll bring even more modalities to the hybrid fitness archetype, including our very own cross-training program, MXT.

MXT: Cross-Training, Moxie Style

Our new cross-training program, MXT, changes the game.

We've crafted an elite training method that bridges the gap between the performance benefits of athletic strength and conditioning with the social experience of group exercise.

Our certified MXT trainers guide clients through four stations of full-body movements that combine elements of circuit, HIIT, and functional training; participants must complete two exercises per station within three-minute timed intervals or reps.

The program is periodized for progressions over 90 days for optimal muscle building, metabolism-boosting, and fat-burning benefits. It also imparts modifications for our at-home live stream attendees.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a program you can do every day, MXT is for you. We’ve built-in variety to ensure that clients who enjoy working out every day can still get the recovery they need to avoid injury and severe muscle fatigue.

One-on-one personal training options are also available for customers looking for a more individualized training style.

As we learn and grow in our new space, we can’t wait to provide insights to the larger Moxie community on making effective and fun fitness experiences that transcend medium.

Coming soon to Moxie studios: virtual yoga sculpt classes, a six-week beginner to barbell for women class, Black Girls Run meetup, yoga on the lawn. Stay up-to-date on upcoming class offerings here.

No matter where you are, experience hybrid fitness!

Be the first to experience this new hybrid model. To discover upcoming Livestream and in-person classes, view Bethesda’s class schedule here.

  • The in-person studio is located at 7610 Old Georgetown Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814; if you're in the area, please stop by and say hello!
  • Moxie Bethesda is run by Jenn Blackburn, former GM at Equinox Bethesda, who left to start her own business on Moxie.
  • Class attendees are required to show proof of vaccination.
  • Classes are socially distanced, with a maximum of 15 people in-person per class.

See you in the studio!