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New Marketplace and App forges an All-New Moxie

New Marketplace and App forges an All-New Moxie

. 9 min read

At Moxie, we envision a world where everybody's home for fitness is where you are right now. So you can achieve your goals with confidence. Anywhere. Anytime. Where you live. Where you travel. Outdoors. In the studio. At your convenience. On your schedule.

Made possible by coaches who connect with you.

Welcome to Moxie!!

Your (new and improved) home for fitness

It all started 18 months ago, as bedrooms and living rooms across the globe transformed into home gyms, and fitness instructors worldwide tackled the biggest hurdle of their professional careers: navigating a global pandemic and bringing their clients online.

At Moxie we set out to be fitness coaches’ most reliable partner -- to help you navigate these challenging and rapidly changing times, and to help you thrive and grow strong independent businesses.

Together, we've built a welcoming, inviting, inclusive community that enables everybody's home for fitness to be wherever they are. And we're moving at a rapid pace towards delivering connected workout experiences anywhere and anytime.

This past summer we introduced  Moxie Teams to help you scale up your fit biz. We added in-person classes so you could manage all of your schedule through the platform. And we opened the first-ever hybrid fitness studio, Moxie Bethesda.  Each step of the way we've continued to pioneer a new model for the fitness industry, one that prioritizes personal connection and inclusivity to build lasting relationships no matter where you are.

Through it all, you've come to us with one big request: help you get more clients.

We heard you loud and clear, and we've made it our entire focus.

You're going to love what's next!

Today, we're taking a giant leap forward with the introduction of the all-new Moxie App and Moxie Pass, two game-changers designed with one purpose in mind – get more clients into your studios!

We invite you to explore the numerous enhancements we’ve made to the Moxie platform. And make sure to read to the end for industry-proven strategies you can use to convert more first-time clients into raving fans.

To start, say hello to the new Moxie App.

We've completely re-imagined the Moxie App to help more people  find their fitness connection and drive more new members to Moxie; unlocking a whole new channel for growth for your fit biz.

Download the latest version of the Moxie app from Google Play or the App Store

Prior to today, the Moxie App was limited and only enabled existing Moxie users to view class replays and stream workouts with their favorite coaches.

The all-new Moxie App enables consumers to search, browse, and attend any class, with any coach, at any time.

Moxie is the only fitness app that gives consumers a direct connection to thousands of fitness coaches who are ready to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Customers can join live classes that fit their schedule -- with the world's largest selection of daily livestream and in-person fitness and yoga classes

Or, choose from from over 60,000 on-demand recorded classes available anytime.

Use our advanced filters to make the perfect fitness connection, such as: beginner prenatal yoga with an experienced coach at 9am on Thursdays!

Get tips and advice from coaches -- before, during, and after each class.

Following the all-new Moxie app launch, we continued to gather your feedback and added even more awesome features that are now live in the latest version of the app.

What’s new:

  • We’ve added Cardio and Seniors categories to further create solutions that are inclusive and representative of everyone who uses Moxie.
  • All of your unlocked On-Demand workouts are now visible on your profile home page.
  • Flex Pay classes can now be reserved directly from an Instructor or Coach’s profile in the app.
  • Location features have been updated to help you find any physical class within 30 miles of your location.
  • We brought back the countdown timer on the Moxie homepage so you’ll never miss your next workout.
  • For added security, attendees are required to provide a full name and phone number to book a class.

One of the key ingredients that make all this possible is our other big enhancement launching today: Moxie Pass.

Moxie Pass is our new membership designed to enable fitness consumers to access any class, with any coach, at any time, all with one single plan. Every first-time Moxie Pass member gets a 14-day free trial.

Plus, you'll still get paid, even during free trials, because we know they’ll love it.

We’re thrilled to introduce more and more consumers to Moxie via the new Moxie App and Moxie Pass, and we’re thrilled to help you gain more clients.

Next, let’s dive into Moxie Pass.

What does Moxie Pass mean for your Fit Biz?

With Moxie Pass, you can tap into a new pool of clients and expand your business in the largest marketplace for livestream, in-person, and on-demand classes, without spending tons of money on marketing, we've done it for you!.

Backed by a substantial advertising budget, our goal with Moxie Pass is to bring more consumers onto the platform, make it easy for them to connect directly with instructors they love, and provide you with more access to clients who might have never discovered your business before.

Every Moxie Pass membership includes a set of tickets which can be used to take your paid live classes or to unlock your on-demand videos. The number of tickets required for live classes varies based on the drop-in price of the class. On-demand classes are all 2 tickets. We’ve included lots of information below on how this all works. Further details can be found in our help center.

As noted above, we’re so committed to getting more clients to fill your studio that we’re giving new customers a 14-day free trial for consumers to take your class. Plus, you'll still get paid, even during their free trial, because we know they’ll love it.

When creating new classes you can now choose if you want to include them in the Moxie Marketplace, where live and on-demand classes can be discovered and paid for with Moxie Pass. (If you choose to exclude your classes from the Moxie Marketplace they can still be found on your instructor profile, but not in search and browse, and cannot be paid for with Moxie Pass).

Here's how it works:

You'll notice that we've added new ads and banners to Moxie's home and discovery pages encouraging customers to try Moxie Pass.Every first-time Moxie Pass member receives two free weeks to get to know you and all the awesome classes you offer.

Following the free trial, customers can subscribe to your studio or continue with Moxie Pass. Find tips for turning these first-time students into repeat clients at the end of this post.

There's no contract or monthly hidden fees. Members can cancel anytime. All unused tickets will roll over into the next month, and for the first time, clients can also find and book classes right through the App; this is the future of fitness –– accessible, customizable, and convenient.

What’s a Moxie Pass Ticket?

Each Moxie Pass membership comes with a set number of tickets. We’ve got three great options to choose from:

Except for On-Demand classes, all ticket counts directly correlate to the drop-in rate of the class, which is set by the instructors themselves. The actual number of tickets required to reserve a class will vary.

Class length and type is a good indicator of how many tickets it may cost to reserve with Moxie Pass.

30 min Livestream = 3 Tickets

60 min Livestream = 4 Tickets

30 min In-Person = 4 Tickets

60 min In-person = 7 Tickets

And so on...

All On-Demand cost 2 Tickets

At $2 a ticket new customers score a 20% discount to try your class, while you take home $5. We use the difference to fund more marketing to welcome new clients to Moxie.

Everyone wins!

To learn more about how Moxie Pass works, tune in to Level Up on Tuesday, September 14th & Wednesday, September 15th at 12 p.m. ET, for a deep dive into these exciting developments. You can also read the FAQs here.

Converting Moxie Pass Customers into Clients

Unlike other fitness platforms like Peloton and Apple Fitness, which offer one-directional instruction, Moxie facilitates interactive coaching with two-way live streaming, messaging, and features that help people achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

Customers know that no matter where they live or where they travel, they can book a class on Moxie and train live with inspiring coaches that truly connect with them and keep them active and engaged.

For the launch of Moxie Pass, we’ve invested heavily in consumer marketing to funnel new students into your classes and grow your client base.

Here are strategies you can use to create a connected fitness experience that keeps them coming back:

Get Moxie Verified.

The Moxie verified blue badge is intended to help Moxie users identify instructors who provide an excellent overall class experience.

To be considered, you must have completed at least eight classes on Moxie, and have at least a month’s worth of future classes scheduled. Once you have met the teaching criteria, schedule a meeting with our Head of Fitness Talent Development here.

Use customers' names.

Make your class experience personal. Research shows that our brains become ecstatic when we hear our name called. Personalize the experience by using clients' names often throughout the workout.

For example, "Meg, I see you in that plank. Stay strong; we're almost there." "Tony, keep up the good work. I like your pace today; you got this!" "Rebecca, get a little lower into that squat. Yes! Embrace the burn."

Keep tabs on clients.

Start tracking client's goals and values, particularly those connected to the work you are doing together.  Make a list of stories your clients have told you about themselves. Keep track of this list for each of your clients to remind them what's important to them. You can use this list as a source of inspiration when you're periodically following up with them.

Celebrate wins.

Throughout the class, make sure you're looking up at the screen to check clients' forms, make corrections if needed, and congratulate them when they're doing things correctly.  Celebrating clients wins provides an overall positive environment for your students to work up a sweat and feel confident.

Follow up and touch bases often.

Identify your client’s goals and encourage them to keep going. Set a reminder on your phone to reconnect with people who’ve attended your classes.

Shout them out using Moxie Messaging when they’ve attended three or more sessions. Congratulate them on an achievement, wish them a happy birthday, ask them how their family is doing, or inquire about an event you saw them post on social media. Use that list of the stories they shared with you.

Encourage clients to book the next session.

Use the cool-down room to encourage clients to commit to their next class. Ask When can I see you next?

Bonus! Support your fellow coaches. One major benefit of Moxie Pass is the ability for instructors to encourage cross-training. As coaches, we can't be an expert at every modality.

Encourage clients to take classes with other quality instructors on the Moxie platform that might teach a modality complementary to your own.