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Let's Celebrate the Supermoms of Moxie

Let's Celebrate the Supermoms of Moxie

. 3 min read

Mothers inspire us to be our bravest and strongest, and so on May 8-9th, we're celebrating motherhood in all forms.

We asked several instructors with children of varying ages to help us plan our Strong As A Mother weekend. We wanted to know what moms needed most, and among the array of responses we received, there were a couple of themes that rang loud and clear – moms need time for themselves, like classes that scream, "it's okay to do nothing!" And moms like mommy-and-me style classes they can do with their kids.

So, we're curating a weekend of fitness and therapeutic experiences that speak to Moms no matter what mode she's in.

We're inviting all instructors to create unique classes for this event focusing on Mom Time (classes for Moms to connect with their family) and Me Time (classes for self-care and strength-building). Please create your classes no later than Tuesday, May 4th at 9:30 a.m. ET to qualify for marketing support.

What: Strong As A Mother is a weekend of #MomTime and #MeTime class experiences.

  • Moxie will pay a $10/attendee bonus to each instructor who teaches during Strong As A Mother weekend. This $10 from us is in addition to any money earned from flex payments or your drop-in rate. (Use this bonus to treat yourself to a massage or buy a bottle of wine.)
  • Moxie will promote participating instructors on our social media platforms, newsletters, and blog throughout the event.
  • Once classes are created, Moxie will create a special landing page to promote all Strong As A Mother classes.

When: Saturday & Sunday, May 8-9th

Choose a Theme Before Creating Your Strong As A Mother Classes

  • Create a class for #MomTime, #MeTime, or both.
  • Read the details below to tag your classes properly.


Classes for mother's to take with their children – near or far.

  • This includes Mommy & Me classes designed for moms to work out with their babies, toddlers, and small children.
  • These classes can also encourage clients to reconnect with their teenagers, or adult children are all welcome by inviting their mom or adult children to join them virtually in the Moxie studio for a workout.


Think self-care for really tired and busy moms. We want moms to take time for themselves through various self-care experiences.

  • This could be variations of pre/postnatal classes, meditation, virtual wine tastings, journaling, or a "wine-down" evening yoga class after the kids go to bed.  

Steps to Participate:

  1. Choose a theme and design a unique class that fits it to offer May 8th or May 9th
  2. Build the class no later than Tuesday, May 4th at 9:30 AM ET including #momtime or #metime in the Title
  3. On Tuesday evening, be on the lookout for an email from Moxie with marketing tools you can use to promote your class
  4. Teach!

A Word from Moxie Moms

"When you become a mother you shift your priority from yourself to your little people. It's a challenge because no days are ever exactly the same so you have to work really hard to continue to prioritize yourself. Getting up early has been the key for me. Early morning workouts, journaling and just drinking my coffee in silence make me a better mom and human." - Bianca Guess Visit her studio

"As moms, we ALWAYS put others needs in front of our own needs. We feel guilty taking 30 minutes or 60 minutes to work out because "someone might need me" or "I feel guilty" or "I think it's selfish of me to take time for myself" That way of thinking needs to change. Moms need to make themselves a priority. I know for me, the day I decided to start my fitness journey after my third child, was the day everything changed for me. Setting aside one hour a day to exercise made me a better mom, a better wife, a better friend, a HAPPIER person altogether. In order to be the best version of ourselves and feel good about ourselves, we need to take care of ourselves without any 'mom guilt'" - Jill Anzalone Visit her studio