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Keep Your Clients on a Winning Streak!

Keep Your Clients on a Winning Streak!

. 2 min read

Setting weekly workout goals for your clients and tracking their progress can be a real challenge. To help you out, we've added badges, a streak counter, and much more to make it easier for you to monitor your client's goals.

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Milestone Badges
With badges, your clients will get a unique badge added to their workout each time they reach certain milestones with Moxie. There are an array of badges they can earn, giving them tons of goals to work towards. They'll earn badges for taking their first class and keeping up with daily and weekly workout streaks.

Improve client consistency with streaks on Moxie! Another tool that we've added to help your clients stick to their goals is an in-app streak counter. The streak counter tracks daily and weekly workouts. Each time your clients hit a streak (livestream or on-demand), they'll earn a new badge to add to their profile.

Social Sharing
Badges and streaks are a good reminder of how much progress a client is making. With the new social sharing feature, they can show off how they #MoveWithMoxie. They can easily share their progress badges and workout stats on social media. Take a selfie, add custom Moxie stickers, post it on Instagram or Facebook, and get their friends to join in to tackle their fitness goals too. Tell your clients don't forget to tag on Instagram.

Goal Setting & Workout History
Empower your clients to be goal crushers. To help you out, we've enabled your clients to create weekly workout minute goals and track their progress each week and month to make sure they're on track.

Plus, they can now view their all-time workout history on Moxie and see how much progress they're making with you as their coach. They can also keep track of the classes they love most, rate your class directly from your profiles and book another session with you again and again.

When clients set goals for themselves and are rewarded for reaching them, it can give them the confidence they need to keep forging ahead.

Encourage your clients to use badges, streaks, and workout history stats to remind them of how much progress they're making towards your goals.

See you in the studio!