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Set Your Fit Biz Up for Success with Our 2022 Holiday Selling Guide

Set Your Fit Biz Up for Success with Our 2022 Holiday Selling Guide

. 4 min read

‘Tis the season to grow your fitness business!

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are traditionally the busiest of the year for fitness professionals. Get ahead of the holiday rush by optimizing your profile, website, and social media channels; welcome the sales bump and emerge from the season with a better sense of what works for your fitness business.

Now it’s time to get to work! To help you start ramping up on your marketing initiatives, we’re sharing tons of creative holiday marketing ideas

Step 1: Create a series of special classes or challenges

The first step to prepare for the holiday rush is to create a class offering appealing to your clients. This can be a challenge or a series of themed classes. Here are a few ideas for Thanksgiving-themed classes. You can use the following class title ideas for any category of workouts.

Class Title Ideas:

  • Turkey Tabata
  • Gobble ‘Till You Wobble (HIIT)
  • Turkey Burn (Yoga)
  • Carved Abs, Legs, Arms (Strength)
  • Thanksgiving Stretch (Yoga)
  • Friendsgiving Burn the Turkey (Dance)
  • Let’s Get Basted (HIIT)
  • The Turkey Burner (Strength)

TURKEY BURN-OFF challenge idea:

Create a series of classes and encourage your clients to attend each class to win a special prize. Read, How to Host a Post-Holiday Fitness Challenge for tips on running a challenge.

Step 2: Optimize your profile or website

If you're scrolling online looking to book a class and you see a variety of HIIT, strength, dance, and yoga instructors you can choose from, how do you pick? Put yourself in the client's shoes. Update your profile image, cover photo, and your photo gallery to best showcase your brand.

Here are some tips on what to put in each:

  • Profile image: Upload either a headshot or action shot, ensuring it is taken in good light with a high-quality lens and your face fits in the frame.
  • Gallery: Use your gallery to share even more of those fabulous images. You can share up to 10 high-resolution and quality photos of you exercising or leading a class.
  • Cover Photo: Your Moxie cover photo should reinforce who you are and visually support your profile's written portions. Consider selecting a photo that shows your studio space, showcases your clients or community, or captures you in action. You could also use your cover photo to advertise your holiday deals. See the example from Kristin Perez below:

Pro Tip: Connect to Your Audience with video. Create an introduction video to give clients a feel for your energy and personality. Add to your featured collection, so it’s the first video people see when they visit your page.

Step 4: Market your classes like CRAZY

The hardest part of becoming a fitness entrepreneur can be finding enough time to promote your classes or even knowing how to do it efficiently. Here are some ways you can let the world know about your fitness classes:

  • Create a flyer to hang up in local spots, hand out at your kid's school, or stick in mailboxes. Use a free design tool like Canva to make it look awesome.
  • Use your class photos to highlight client’s success on social media, Moxie messaging, or via newsletters.
  • Shout it out on social media. Create a short video intro about the classes you teach and share it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and beyond.
  • Join online fitness groups or forums and invite members to join you.
  • Email your fitfam, friends, and past clients.
  • Use your class recording to create short How To exercise videos for social media.

Here’s an example from Dance with Arin

For more tips on promoting your classes read, How to Promote Your Fitness Business in 2 Hours Per Week.

Step 5: Send something special

Connect with your clients instantly this holiday season and create lasting memories with a personalized video message or holiday cards. Try Canva to design a nice card and send it to your clients via Moxie Messaging, text, or email along with a personal message.

Step 6: Promote your #FitGivingTuesday Class

Encourage your clients to get fit and give back together this Giving Tuesday. Celebrate #FitGivingTuesday with us by raising money for your favorite cause with a dollar-for-dollar match from Moxie.

Want to get involved? Here are your next steps:

  • Schedule a new one-time class on Moxie for Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 with "#FitGivingTuesday" in the title or description. Changing the title of a recurring class may affect your future scheduled classes.
  • Specify a qualifying 501c(3) organization you are raising money for in your class description.
  • Register your class once it is created using this form.

Step 7: Follow-up with clients

As new students join your classes make sure that you are following up and touch bases with them often. Set a reminder on your phone to reconnect with people who’ve attended your classes. Shout them out using Moxie Messaging when they’ve attended three or more sessions. Congratulate them on an achievement, wish them a happy birthday, ask them how their family is doing, or inquire about an event you saw them post on social media.

Step 8: Analyze the performance of your efforts

Once the holidays are over, you will have an opportunity to reflect and analyze the success of your business. Here are some ideas of what to look at:

  • What classes were the most attended?
  • Which social media post received the most likes and comments?
  • What marketing strategies did you try that brought in the most leads?
  • What didn’t perform as well as you thought it would - and how could it be improved?