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Scale Up Your Fit Biz With Moxie Teams

Scale Up Your Fit Biz With Moxie Teams

. 3 min read

If the idea of growing your studio with a team sounds appealing to you, then we have something new we think you’ll like: Moxie Teams.

A Message from CEO Jason Goldberg about Moxie Teams 

Over the last year, we noticed that several Moxie instructors "hacked" our platform—in a good way! They collaborated with other instructors to grow their business by selling and teaching classes under one account.

With that in mind, we assembled a few tips on the benefits of collaborating with other instructors and how to build effective working relationships that will enable you to grow as a collective using Moxie Teams.

Create More Value for Your Clients

Collaborating and partnering with another instructor has major perks for your clients and studio growth. By bringing on other coaches with Moxie Teams you can double or even triple the number of classes you offer. This increases the value of your subscriptions to clients, enhancing your earning potential.

Moxie Teams allows you to give your clients a complete fitness and wellness experience by enabling them to try different instructors, class types, and coaching styles while keeping their training challenging and fun, all under a single subscription.

Pro tip: Partner with an instructor who offers classes that your clients want and whose experience and skillset complements your own. Example: If you offer Barre classes, bring on a Pilates instructor to help your clients build core strength.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is key for collaboration. If you aren’t coordinating effectively with your team, you won’t be able to grow.

With Teams, we've built all the tools you need to manage your team's schedule and assign classes. Easily share tips and tools with members to help one another grow as fitness professionals. We’ve even included a dedicated Moxie Message group for just you and your coaches.

Manage Like a Fit Boss

Leading can be a joy with the right tools and skills.

As a Team Lead on Moxie, you have full control to pay yourself and your team, manage your team's performance with detailed reports, track your client's progress, and better forecast your future revenue and growth.

As for leveling up your leadership skills, here’s our secret sauce for being a great boss:

  • Clearly articulate your expectations and check in regularly with your team
  • Express gratitude and acknowledge others' efforts
  • Practice what you preach – be punctual and model the incredible class experience you create for your clients to the rest of your team.

Collaborate to Grow

Partner with coaches who share your vision. Finding someone to join your team can feel scary, but it's a worthwhile investment.

Go through your contacts, ask your clients for referrals, or browse instructors on Moxie. Think about what you’d want to learn from a coach yourself—Teams will give you the ability to skillshare by taking each other's classes for free.

Here are things to keep in mind when searching for a studio partner:

  • Make sure you have complimentary work ethics
  • Know each other’s goals & objectives
  • Define each other's roles, so they don't overlap
  • Create clear boundaries about how you will work together and separately

Ready to bring your fitness team to life?

Moxie Teams is included in your Moxie Premium plan. This means no extra fees, no base monthly fees, and no minimums, no matter how many teams you create. Moxie only makes money when you do!

Whether you're a personal trainer, yogi, a studio, or a multi-location club, find out how to use Moxie Teams to grow your online offerings. Schedule your free one-on-one session with our success team.