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Phase II of the Moxie Journey Kicks off with $6.3 million in financing, new consumer experiences, and Instructor health benefits

Phase II of the Moxie Journey Kicks off with $6.3 million in financing, new consumer experiences, and Instructor health benefits

. 2 min read

Today, we feel deep gratitude for the community developed at Moxie and for all of the instructors and consumers who have participated in our first year.  

Thanks to your partnership, friendship, and consistent feedback, Moxie has rapidly established itself as the leading virtual fitness platform. Moxie is the most convenient way to workout, enabling consumers to train live from anywhere with inspiring coaches for everybody, style, and fitness goal. Moxie’s live classes engage users through our industry-leading two-way interactive streaming technology provided via web and app. Instructors rely on Moxie’s turnkey platform for all of the tools needed to grow an online business, including branding, scheduling, payments, live classes, VOD, integrated licensed music, CRM, and messaging. Moxie also uniquely combines warm-up rooms, cool-down rooms, and class photos to create an interactive, community-led experience.

Through an unpredictable year, we have continued to create, innovate, and inspire. And it's all thanks to our community. Day after day, you've racked up the minutes, recently attending more than 1 million class minutes per month. Top instructors have grown their businesses to earn six figures on Moxie, and the top 10% average more than $1000 per month. And in March alone, the Moxie community has completed 8,000 classes, representing 450% growth since September – that deserves a huge round of applause.

Phase II of the Moxie journey begins today.  

We’re thrilled to announce that Moxie has closed $6.3 million in new financing from leading investors, including Resolute, Bessemer, Greycroft, Gokul Rajaram, and several other prestigious individuals and VC funds.

The new round of funding ushers in phase II of the Moxie journey.

Phase I focused on developing the core Moxie technology platform -- primarily providing all-in-one tools for instructors to manage their virtual fitness businesses.

In Phase II, we focus on helping Moxie instructors gain new clients. This kicks off with the launch of a new homepage that features a curated selection of top classes and new tools that help connect users to instructors best suited to their fitness styles and goals. We also just launched enhanced instructor profiles that provide consumers with more ways to preview instructors and their classes before attending.

Today, we’re also launching a suite of benefits for Moxie coaches in partnership with Stride Health to provide instructors with access to health insurance, dental and vision plans, life insurance, and a bevy of customized benefits through Moxie. This partnership marks the first time a fitness company has offered this level of benefits to self-employed instructors, regardless of the number of classes they teach. Health insurance and benefits have long been a pain point for fitness instructors as part of the gig economy. Moxie Benefits provides a simple way for instructors to enroll in health plans and easily obtain tax credits, saving them thousands of dollars and hours of administrative work.

Starting today, Moxie coaches can secure the protection you need for yourself and your loved ones. Learn all about Moxie benefits for coaches in this separate blog post.

This is just the start. We have big plans for Moxie coaches benefits.

Get Excited! Moxie Teams is coming up soon.

Later this spring, Moxie plans to debut Moxie Teams, enabling multiple instructors to teach under one account and allow students to choose from a broader range of classes and coaches under a single subscription.

Moxie Teams is inspired by instructors who are already "hacking" the Moxie platform to sell and teach classes as a collective under a single account. Teams will make it easier for coaches to join together, streamline their branding, offer more classes, and manage payouts for each team member.

See you in the studio!