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November Challenge: Creating an Intro Video to Convert Leads

November Challenge: Creating an Intro Video to Convert Leads

. 1 min read

Are you ready to make an intro that attracts new clients?

One of the biggest obstacles we hear from our attendees is their struggle to find a personal connection when searching for a new coach. Fortunately, using an intro video is an easy and effective way to connect with potential new clients.

That's why we're challenging YOU to create the perfect intro video this month!

Here's how the challenge works.

  • Head over to YouTube or Vimeo and create your intro video or record an on-demand video directly on Moxie (be sure to keep it under 5 mins.).
  • Upload your video to Moxie and set it as the top featured video on your profile.
  • Complete THIS FORM to let us know you've uploaded your video. Our team will unlock the video and make it visible to everyone who visits your profile!
  • We'll pick the challenge winner based on how your introduction showcases your skills as fitness professionals and explains the services you provide.

The coach who makes the best introduction video will win a custom thumbnail from our brand team to use as your video cover, $100 towards a home studio upgrade, and an official Moxie water bottle!

The deadline for submissions is November 30th at midnight EST.

Need Help Getting Started?

Check out our newest on-demand video on Moxie Level Up, Breaking the Ice with Possible Clients on Moxie, where we'll teach you exactly how to make an intro video that attracts new clients!