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New on Moxie (Web & Mobile App Updates)

New on Moxie (Web & Mobile App Updates)

. 2 min read

With more than 300+ Livestream classes daily and 70,000+ on-demand workouts available 24/7, members can move with Moxie and achieve their goals at home. Outdoors. In the studio. At their convenience. On their schedule. Anywhere. Anytime.

To improve our member’s experience, we've launched a new Moxie Search for the web, which now includes Livestream, in-person, on-demand classes, and coaches! This optimized search feature makes it even easier for members to find the workout or instructor they are looking for.

We have also relaunched the "browse classes" page with more prominent filters, a new class card design, and a seamless class booking flow, allowing members to book a class directly from the browse class page.

Additionally, in the mobile app, we’re helping you stay on track with your workout plan and stay motivated to hit your goals. We've added new features to allow members to see their classes in a calendar view and much, much more. See below:

New in the App:

  • View and browse classes in a calendar format.
  • Addition of an "upcoming classes" section to help members reserve classes from their favorite coaches.
  • Improved search filters & new ways to narrow class results based on class type, class duration, exact time, verified coaches, featured coaches, top-rated coaches, and favorite coaches.
  • Smooth navigation & scheduling from team and coach profiles.
  • More personalization –– so members can get fast access to the stuff that matters most to them.

Wait! There’s more. We’ve also made search and filter enhancements to the web view.

What’s New:

  • Enhanced search filters & new ways to narrow class results based on type, duration, exact time, verified coaches, and favorite coaches.
  • Search and Browse for classes (livestream, in-person, on-demand); not just coaches.
  • Improved date filter and navigation on the “Find A Workout” page.
  • Updated class cards for members to easily see the classes they’ve already booked.
  • Plus, we’ve made it even easier to reserve live and on-demand classes using Moxie Pass and other payment options.  

See you in the studio!