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Love Your Body Week by the Numbers

Love Your Body Week by the Numbers

. 2 min read

When women thrive, communities around the world thrive. We see this first-hand on Moxie, as 90% of instructors using the platform to grow their businesses are women.

To celebrate these phenomenal leaders who power Moxie and honor Women's History Month – a global celebration of women's social, economic, cultural, and political achievements, we collaborated with 122 female instructors to help us plan Love Your Body Week March 22-28.

These instructors hosted special classes around body image, mental health, and embracing our natural bodies in whatever form they may take.

Missed the event? Read featured Love Your Body Week interviews on the blog.

Along with empowering women to share their stories about their fitness and wellness journeys and challenging our instructors to create conversations around positive body image, Moxie awarded instructors over $3,000 in bonuses for hosting these uniquely, deeply personal class experiences.

We truly appreciate each and every instructor and student who took part in this initiative.