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Love Your Body Instructor Spotlight – Ashley & Natalie

Love Your Body Instructor Spotlight – Ashley & Natalie

. 4 min read

As a part of our Love Your Body Week celebration, we are sharing the stories of body-positive leaders on the Moxie platform.

Today we have the opportunity to celebrate Ashley Edwards and Natalie Tibbs. Read below to hear their stories around body image, self-care, and celebrating our bodies in all forms.

Ashley Edwards (Fit2DaBeat)

After losing 60 pounds herself, Ashley has come to understand the importance of mind-body-muscle connection; the importance of having fun while working out and most importantly getting RESULTS!! Read more about Ashley below and visit her Moxie studio to join her for her #LoveYourBody LUV-YOUR-CURVES STRENGTH & FLEX class.

Q&A with Ashley:

  • How has fitness impacted your relationship with your body?

Starting out overweight, I used to always talk about what I disliked about my body. My body started to transform and change throughout my training, but then I started to see other areas I didn't like so much. I realized that I also had to transform my mind, and focusing on the negative was an unhealthy thought process. So now I try to focus on what I love about my body. I have come to realize how wonderful my body is. I have learned that if you train your body, it can do amazing things and adapt. If you're not flexible now, you can become flexible. If you're not strong now, you can become strong. Basically, your body can do whatever you want it to with the proper training, and that's just amazing to me to watch it transform.

  • What does body positivity mean to you?

For me, body positivity means loving my body by taking good care of it, by keeping it active, feeding it, and nurturing it with good things. Including my mental thought process-which means not comparing my body to others. We all come in different shapes and sizes and we must own that and accept that fact. Body positivity is being happy and grateful that we have a healthy body.

  • Do you have a self-care routine? Share in detail.

Absolutely! Every morning when the house is quiet and no one is awake I listen to nature sounds with visual art. I say a prayer, then I do some reading and meditating. I like to keep my mind strong like my body so I'm learning a new language, so I spend some time every morning doing that. I make sure to have time for my personal fitness outside of my clients so I run and do pilates just for me. I make sure to have at least 1-2 days of the week where I completely turn work off, no email checking, etc. I try to schedule myself a massage 1x a month. I use a diffuser with essential oils daily. I also feel that good relationships are also part of self-care, I try to keep up with my friends. My husband and I regularly spend time together, but we always try to schedule a date night at least once a week. I always tell myself If I don't take care of myself I can't take care of others.

  • What about advice for someone struggling with body positivity?

I know that it's hard but try to Cherish your body! You only get one, so take good care of it by giving it nutritious things and positive vibes. It can do so many amazing things. Your body is unique. It's great that it doesn't look like the next person because it is unique to you. Let's find its potential!

Natalie Tibbs

Natalie is an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor who has been bringing the fun to her classes for more than a decade. She prides herself in leading energetic and easy to follow classes that promote body positivity and will leave you feeling better than when you started. Read more about Natalie below and visit her Moxie studio to join her for her #LoveYourBody Yoga Flow class.

Q&A with Natalie:

  • How did you first get into the health & wellness industry?

When my kids were small, I found that I struggled to keep up with them and somehow found my way into a Zumba class. I never knew exercising could be fun! I was hooked and within two years, became an instructor. Zumba led me to other formats, and now I teach a little bit of everything.

  • In what ways do you aim to empower yourself or others to love their bodies?

You’ll never hear me say you need to work harder to earn a slice of pie or a cookie in my classes. I’m all about moving because it feels good and about talking to our bodies lovingly and affirmatively.

  • What are some insecurities you have about your body? How do you work through them? How do you overcome it?

I’m well aware that I don’t necessarily “look like a fitness instructor.” Sometimes I worry that people won’t trust me to lead them throughout a workout because I don’t have six-pack abs. Whenever I find myself falling into that thinking, I turn it around and remind myself that I’m an example that group fitness is a place for anyone.

  • What about advice for someone struggling with body positivity?

Surround yourself with positive influences. If something or someone makes you feel bad about yourself or “less-than”, cut it out of your life. Remember that clothes are made to fit your body, not the other way around, so if those pants don’t fit, get new pants! Set fitness goals for yourself that are based on things you can do, never on how you’ll look. Find exercises that makes you happy!