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Level Up Learning Session: Ignite Your Instagram with Lizzie

Level Up Learning Session: Ignite Your Instagram with Lizzie

. 2 min read

Instagram is an incredible platform for yoga and fitness businesses, but many struggle to find their authentic social media voice and the time to post interesting, relevant content. Lizzie from Donuts + Down Dog joined us for a Level Up Learning Session focused on using Instagram to establish your brand as an online instructor and connect with your followers in a meaningful way. In this session, Lizzie gives you actionable tips to apply today to ignite your Instagram account. Keep reading for our top highlights, or watch the full session here.

Think About Your Brand

It's easy to get hung up on the day-to-day activities of building a playlist, planning your class, etc., and forget about the critical task of figuring out your brand.

Branding (through imagery and messaging) tells your story and what type of instructor you are, with the goal of drawing in the right client.

Do this simple exercise to figure out if your Instagram aligns with your brand: write down who you want to be and what you want to communicate. Then go to your Instagram and look at your last posts. Are you aligned with your goals?

Perfect Your Bio

Make sure your Instagram bio is concise and portrays who you are as an instructor. You may want to think about it as a mission statement. For example, you could say, 'I help women feel awesome in their bodies post-partum.'

You only have a small amount of space so, keep personal, irrelevant facts out of your bio, like 'I love pizza.' If it's relevant, you can add your location and certifications but most importantly, make sure you include information on where they can find your class!

Share Helpful Content

Instagram isn't just about sharing beautiful pictures. The posts with the highest engagement focus on the viewer more than the poster. Create shareable, helpful content in the form of fitness tips, tutorials, or inspiring quotes.

A little self-promotion is acceptable but remember to first 'serve, serve, serve.' Most importantly, don't forget a call-to-action! It can be as simple as, 'Please love this post!' or 'Comment below and tell me your favorite yoga pose.' Give them a reason to engage with you.

Plan Ahead

Finding time to create content can be tricky, so be sure to plan and create an arsenal of content that's at your disposal anytime. If you're doing a photo session, take several photos that you can slowly trickle out into your feed. Use a free design tool, like Canva, to create beautiful quotes or tip posts.

You can also use a social media tool like Planoly to help plan out and visualize your content before posting.

Use a Link Service

If you want to drive your audience to several locations, for example, your Moxie profile, where to buy your favorite yoga mat, and your website, you can use a link service like Linktree. Use this shortened link as the URL in your profile for one convenient place for all your links.

Use Your Insights

If you have a business account (and if you don't—upgrade to one!), look at your insights regularly. These statistics will give you a good idea of what content is working well and what isn't.

Did you love these tips? Get more insights from Lizzie and other instructors in our video-on-demand library. Happy watching!