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Let’s Celebrate the Women Who Power Moxie

Let’s Celebrate the Women Who Power Moxie

. 6 min read

Moxie is thrilled to launch our biggest event yet: Love Your Body Week, March 22nd-28th! Book Your Body Positive Experience here!

Over 122 women instructors on Moxie have come together for our first-ever Love Your Body week to host special classes around body image, mental health, and celebrating our bodies in all forms.

Click here to view the full class schedule.

Share the Love & Get Your Bonus!
We welcome the whole Moxie community to attend Love Your Body Week classes March 22-28 and participate in this vital conversation!

To help spread the love, we’re turbo-charging our referral program for the duration of Love Your Body Week. If you refer someone and the first class they take is part of Love Your Body Week, we’ll reward you with an additional $10 credit.*

In this blog post, we'll highlight 10 classes you might be interested in attending.

Love Your Body Week Instructors & Classes


Join Ashley (Fit2DaBeat) in this total-body Strength & Flexibility Class where you will DEBUNK the myths that women shouldn't weight train or that weight training will make you bulky! This will be a guided workout discussing our different body parts and why it's beneficial for women to weight train and its many benefits in relation to each body part. We will finish with in-depth full body flexibility training leaving your body feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on the world! Leave knowing that STRONG is beautiful and that it starts from within.

Book Your Class with Fit2DaBeat.


Book a self-salutations session with Alexis. The intention of this practice is to honor your inner light. When you honor your inner light, you are honoring yourself, and this is an act of self love! When you connect with our own capabilities of gratitude, and self-compassion, you can then share these incredible virtues with the world around us. In this practice you will learn "self-salutations." The path of honoring yourself begins with self-acceptance. This practice is an invitation to humbly adore the self. Move through your yoga postures with awareness of not who you are on the outside, but who you are and how you want to feel on the inside.

Book Your Class with Alexis.


With mindful eating becoming mainstream, you may have questions about what it is and how it can help you eat what you love and love what you eat. Join Jessie to hear how people "who never seem to stress about food” do it and how you can eat instinctively too. You'll learn the 6 choices you make every time you eat (but may not know it) and how to maximize those decisions, so you’ll know the instant you’re hungry for Pad Thai and exactly the amount to eat to feel satisfied but not stuffed. And if you’ve been struggling with yo-yo dieting or “eat this, not that” confusion, guess what? Jessie's going to show how to break the cycle of binging and dieting with one simple question. You'll walk away knowing how to take the first steps toward mindful eating and healing your relationship with food.

Book Your Class with Jessie.


Join Vana and Mandy (Strollers In Motion) for this 30-minute class that focuses on strengthening the muscles moms use everyday to care for their children. Through this cardio interval and strength training class you will learn to appreciate your body and how it's changed. You'll feel stronger than ever!

Join Strollers In Motion.


This is a Body Positive Belly dance class, where everyone is celebrated! This class will last for a full hour and includes a beginner's style belly dance class beginning with a warm up, gentle stretching, and a work out designed to honor the curves of women of all sizes. In addition, each movement will be accompanied by a heartfelt affirmation promoting mindfulness and body positive words of endearment and celebration. So many women have been conditioned to believe that Belly dance is for women of a certain size. This class completely debunks that myth and Dr. Abagail Dunn is excited to share this with you.

Book Your Class with Motherland Jams Belly Dance.


Saddle up for a high intensity 45-minute ride with Corinne to celebrate body positivity. This ride is a tribute to fearless women who pursue leadership roles in their communities, companies, and households whole also prioritizing fitness. Get ready to rock out on the saddle to an awesome playlist of female artists. This class will be a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people in the warm up + cool down room. Men + Women are welcome! ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to Times Up, a non-profit that fuels the fight for women’s safety, equity, and power.

Book Your Class with Corinne.


There is no room for stereotypes in Tiara's barre class. Everyone belongs at the barre in their full glory and uniqueness. This class is designed to create and improve the body that you were made to have! Tiara will guide you to embrace and love every inch of what God has created. Why? Because you were made for this. This barre class is accessible to all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. We all belong here at the barre.

Book a Class with Tiara.


This class will focus on EMPOWERING your body! Stephanie will start with 20-minutes of kickboxing (Sweat It) to make you feel unstoppable! Then, you will move to 20 minutes of strength training (Burn It) to unleash your power! You will end class with 20 minutes of yoga and mindfulness (Love It) to stretch, relax, and show your body the love it deserves. We will end with intentions to focus on our power and our worth. So, let's Love Your Body!

Book Your Class with Stephanie.


Tap into the most important feeling of love there is - self love! Begin class with Bri setting an intention of loving yourself exactly as you are, then flow through a series of movements to tap into your Heart Chakra. You will leave class feeling a deeper connection with yourself, and feeling a sense of gratitude for the incredible things your body can offer to you. Yoga is for everybody AND every body. The practice of yoga is an act of self love and self care for your physical body, as well as your mental self and emotional self.

Book a Class with Bri.


Find someplace quiet that you can relax and allow the vibration frequencies of Audra's crystal singing bowls to bring tranquility, compassion, and love into your life. The waves of vibration are designed to align the energy centers, create a deep state of relaxation, and reset your chakra system. You will only need to find a warm comfortable space to enjoy your session. For the best sound on your end I recommend earphones or earbuds for the best sound experience - computer speakers are not the best for receiving sound. If you are using only computer speakers, then turn the volume no more than 75%.

Book Your Class with Audra.

Join us for our first-ever annual Love Your Body Week, March 22nd-28th. See you in the studio!

*There is no maximums of the number of people you can invite and no limits on the amount of classes you can attend. If someone you refer to Moxie registers their account using your referral link and the first class they take is part of Love Your Body Week, we'll reward you with an additional $10 credit. Please allow at least 1 business day for delivery of this extra $10 credit