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Secrets Revealed: How top-earning instructors build their virtual fitness businesses

Secrets Revealed: How top-earning instructors build their virtual fitness businesses

. 5 min read

Are you still dreaming of making six-figures coaching online in 2021? It's not too late!

We've seen SO MANY success stories this year! Some of our clients grew their businesses from scratch to teach online and stay home with their babies. Some built their online revenue to well over six-figures, and some completely ditched their in-person offers and now make more money in less time on Moxie.

Maybe you know them – you've seen them on the featured instructor's page, follow them on Instagram, or perhaps you've attended one of their classes. And as much as you'd like to congratulate them, you're secretly wondering what the deal is?

I'll give you a hint.

They are experts at building fitness connections with their clients.

In this blog post, we'll share a few instructor success stories on how they’ve leveraged a personal connection with clients to quickly build their following on Moxie.

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Meet Jennifer Blackburn. Before Moxie, Jennifer was an Equinox Area Manager working countless hours a week. She ran five clubs, had 150 instructors that she trained, mentored, and managed. She was responsible for the success of 513 classes a week, managing this team. Now, she's making six-figures on Moxie, has over 60 subscribers who contribute to her recurring revenue, has other instructors teaching on her account to provide a more complete overall offering, and teaches 12 Moxie classes herself per week. What's her secret to success? She's all about connection.

Jennifer says, "My connection to my clients enables me to charge a premium. They pay me $100/ month vs. $20/month on Peloton or other video-on-demand apps because I coach them. They get shout-outs from me. They get corrections from me. They get messages and email check-ins between classes to see how they are doing. $100/month gets me, not just a video."

When you first enter Jennifer's virtual studio, her energy immediately fills the room – even though you're both at home, sitting behind your personal computers. She's excited and lively, greets everyone by name, remembers where you left off last time and asks everyone in her room personal questions based on their individual goals and development. During the class Jenn checks in on everyone regularly, provides real-time modifications (“maybe you’re pregnant so try it like this,” “maybe you’re recovering from a bad knee, so try it like this,” or “or maybe you’re Jason and had too many glasses of wine last night, so try it like this”  during her live-stream group workouts – she makes you feel like you're getting personal coaching in a class of 30 people, and you can tell right away that she loves what she does.

The authentic connection you feel you have with Jennifer is what separates her from other instructors. It's her secret sauce for building trust between her students, turning first-time drop-ins into long-term subscribers, and creating recurring revenue in her business.

It might appear that she did this almost overnight from the outside looking in, but she didn't. Jennifer works at engaging with her students every day, in and outside of the studio.

  • She sends weekly newsletters
  • Utilizes Moxie Messaging -- regularly sending updates to her entire client group as well as specific messages ahead of each class.
  • Consistently touches bases with her clients at least once a week with gentle reminders.

If it's your first time attending her class, she sends a personal message asking, how did it go? She follows up the next day to see how you're doing. If you haven't attended a class in two weeks, she'll check in with you and offer $5 off your next class.

Jennifer says she makes a list of her client's goals – personal and fitness-related as a reference of ways she can engage with them. This kind of personal touch lets her clients know she cares for their well-being and turns them from occasional students to loyal fans. They are the first ones to book her class, and they bring their friends to join them.

Another instructor achieving stellar results on Moxie is Ashely Edwards aka Fit2dabeat. We asked Ashley what her secret is and guess what she said? Connections.

Ashley is a former Orange Theory instructor. In March, she got COVID and couldn't go back to her gym until she tested negative for the virus. During her recovery, the gyms closed. Now, she earns a steady income on Moxie teaching seven classes per week. She teaches HIIT, Zumba, Dance, Cardio Conditioning and has 34 subscribers who contribute to her monthly recurring revenue.

  • Ashley brings great energy in her virtual studio – there’s fun music, neon lights, and she makes sure that everyone in her class gets her full attention.
  • She looks up at her screen to check clients' forms; she encourages them to keep going and provides an overall positive environment for her students to work up a sweat and feel confident.
  • After the class, she follows up with her students.

She uses messages to stay connected with all her members – sharing details about her monthly challenges and allowing her students to connect with one another. She also has an email list of 100 people that she checks-in with and 117 people in her private Facebook group. As a result, her clients show up faithfully to her classes and become ambassadors for her Fit2DaBeat brand, bring friends, family, and co-workers to join them for classes.

Ashley says, "the reason I have 34 subscribers and the reason I have this awesome word of mouth is because everyone knows me for my energy and my connection to my clients – I give everyone personalized attention. I'm a connected coach, not just a coach."

There is no coincidence that Ashley and Jennifer are among the top earners on Moxie – relationships are the lifeline of a good business.

Through these instructors' stories, we hope that you understand the importance of cultivating relationships and making your clients feel seen, loved, supported, and encouraged to continue training with you.

Want to go deeper? We’re hosting a virtual fireside conversation with our CEO and these top earners on Moxie. Reserve your seat!

Take Action: How to Better Connect with Your Clients

  • Make a list of stories your clients have told you about themselves – their goals and values, particularly those connected to the work you are doing together. Keep track of this list for each of your clients to remind you what's important to them. You can use this list as a source of inspiration when you're periodically following-up with them.
  • Set a reminder on your phone to reconnect with first-time class drop-ins or family, friends, and people on social media who have shown an interest in attending your classes.
  • Send your clients a message or DM without asking for anything. Congratulate them on an achievement, wish them a happy birthday, ask them how their family is doing, or inquire about an event you saw them post on social media. Use that list of the stories they shared with you.
  • Bring your authentic self to the studio. Show your clients that you love the work you do by bringing that energy into the studio.