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How to Promote Your Fitness Business in 2 Hours Per Week

How to Promote Your Fitness Business in 2 Hours Per Week

. 3 min read

The hardest part of becoming a fitness entrepreneur can be finding enough time to promote your classes or even knowing how to do it efficiently. When you work at a studio or gym, clients come served to you on a silver platter. However, when you are your boss, all that promotional work needs to be done by... you.

But don't get discouraged with the task ahead. If you put together an easy-to-follow weekly routine, marketing your classes will become a habit. We've put together a roadmap to show you how to promote your online fitness offerings in just a couple hours per week. With this guide, you'll keep your current clients engaged and attract new audiences.

First Things First: Define Your Brand

Before you jump into marketing, you need to figure out what it is that you are marketing. You need to think about your brand.

Branding (through imagery and messaging) tells your story and what type of instructor you. Your brand focuses on what makes you unique.

Take a few minutes to write down who you are, what you offer, who you serve, and what makes your classes unique. Post this close to your workstation and refer back to it often to ensure that your marketing efforts keep aligned with your brand.

Create a Weekly Routine

Once you have defined your brand, you want to make a marketing plan that is as effortless as brushing your teeth each morning. Our suggestion? Block out time on your calendar and create a recurring meeting for yourself to make sure that you have time set aside to dedicate to growing your business.

Here are a sample schedule and to-do list. Feel free to add and modify as it works for you!


Did you know that Sunday is the highest class booking day on Moxie? People are looking to the week ahead and planning their schedule. Which means you need to be front and center to get them in your class.

10 minutes: Update your class schedule for the week. You can easily duplicate classes that you've previously hosted.

15 minutes: Share your class schedule with your network. Depending on where you like to engage with your audience, you might share on social media, blast out a quick email, or send a WhatsApp message to your contacts. Use a free design tool like Canva to create a reusable template that you can quickly update and share. See some of our favorite instructor social media posts here.


30 minutes: Create social media content for the rest of the week. Make a mix of useful content like fitness tips, inspiring quotes, quick videos of your classes, and photos. Use a tool like Canva to design posts and Planoly to schedule the content.

Wondering how many times to post? It's more about the quality than the quantity, but you can plan between 3-5 updates per week.

Pro tip: when you're creating posts, make sure to use plenty of relevant hashtags so similar audiences can discover your content. Use a hashtag tool to find which ones are popular.


30 minutes: Dedicate some time to find new audiences. Search popular hashtags to find people who love fitness as much as you and follow them. Be sure to engage with their content, too (likes, shares, or comments show that you're a real person!)


15 minutes: Invite your contacts to join your class. Did you know that you can send a $15 free credit for students to try out your class? Navigate to your 'Invite Friends' page and enter up to 100 email addresses at a time.

You can also grab the referral link and DM it to any new followers you have with a short message such as, "Thanks for following me! I'd love to see you in one of my upcoming yoga classes. Get your first class free by using this link: <<insert link here>>."

Extra Things to Try

Integrating this marketing routine into your week will help maintain engagement with your current audience and bring in more followers, but sometimes you need an extra boost. Here are other marketing campaigns that you can run on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Run a fitness challenge. Get a step-by-step guide on how to do this.
  • Set up an intro offer for new students, for example, 1-month unlimited access for $10. You can use hidden subscriptions to do this.
  • Promote your services to local groups. You can find lots of local groups on Facebook or neighborhood sites like NextDoor. Filter them by interest or demographic, for example, yoga, meditation, running, new moms, seniors, etc.
  • Check out our library of Level-Up videos with more great suggestions from top instructors!

Building your online fitness business doesn't happen overnight. But with patience, persistence, and passion, you can fulfill your dream of being your own fitness boss!