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How to Keep Your Clients Engaged with In-Person Classes.

How to Keep Your Clients Engaged with In-Person Classes.

. 2 min read

Moxie is on a mission to democratize fitness so that you have the ability to create the classes that work best for you and your clients.

With the U.S. reopening people are starting to explore hybrid online - offline fitness regimens. Many of our coaches have reached out asking for a way to integrate an in-person offering into their Moxie schedule.

We took this to heart: starting today, you can sell In-Person classes on Moxie, with the flexibility to make them part of your existing subscriptions, or separate offerings with their own drop-in pricing.

Even better, In-Person is fully integrated into your existing studio, helping you take care of everything from payments to performance tracking in one place:

  • Accept payment for your In-Person classes online—no need to get cash when students show up to class.
  • Make attendance predictable by offering pre-purchase so you know who to expect.
  • Keep track of all the days your clients worked out, whether online or offline.
Moxie Instructor Jenn Blackburn coaches a client during a recent outdoor class

Pricing your In-Person offering

Because pricing can be handled outside of your existing subscriptions, you have the option to charge more for offline instruction and provide a complementary offering to your virtual classes for those clients who have been craving a more social experience.

Pro Tip: When you create an In-Person class, we leave “Include in Virtual Subscriptions” unchecked by default to allow you to establish a separate drop-in rate.

Location, Location, Location!

We’ve also included a Google Maps integration to help your clients find their way, as well as a Location Details area to help you explain the exact location of your class, whether in-studio or outside.

What's Next?

Not ready to be indoors yet? No problem! Outdoor classes can be a great first step back into In-Person instruction.

If you’re ready to offer In-Person classes, here are your steps:

  1. Reach out to your clients and gauge their interest.
  2. Attend the product walk-through meeting on Level Up, this Wednesday, May 26, 2021.
  3. Schedule an upcoming outdoor class for your students.