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Host a Class for Love Your Body Week

Host a Class for Love Your Body Week

. 4 min read

Women power Moxie – 90% of our instructors on the platform are female. That’s why on this International Women’s Day and throughout March, we'll celebrate Women's History Month by highlighting a topic near and dear to many in the community: Body Positivity.

Whether it's after a baby, injury, weight loss, or as an act of self-care, we invite each of you to join in on this celebration during Love Your Body Week.

What: Love Your Body Week is a celebration of inclusion, empowerment, and embracing our natural bodies in whatever form they may take.

  • Moxie will feature classes that are themed around body image, mental health, eating disorders, fitness, embracing your body, and creating a culture celebrating our bodies in all forms.
  • Moxie will create a special landing page to promote Love Your Body Week classes and instructors.
  • Participating instructors will be promoted on our social media platforms, newsletters, and blog throughout the month.
  • Moxie will pay a $10/attendee bonus to each instructor who teaches during Love Your Body Week. This $10 from us is in addition to any money earned from flex payments or your drop-in rate.

When: Monday, March 22nd through March 28th, 2021

Teach a Featured Class During Love Your Body Week:
If you're a female instructor and would like to participate in this initiative, you must fill out this form to submit your proposal.

  • Think about creating a unique class relevant to the themes of body positivity, self-love, and women's empowerment.
  • There is no limit on the number of classes an instructor can propose.
  • Write out in detail the name and description of the class(es) you'd like to teach.
  • Include any certifications or training you have that qualify you to teach this particular class.
  • This class should be unique to Love Your Body Week and not be a part of your current Moxie schedule

Please submit your ideas no later than Wednesday, March 10th.

Note: Due to program limitations, we may not include all submitted classes in our schedule.

Are you looking for ideas?
Here are some additional suggestions that came from our instructor-led focus group:

  • Journaling sessions on positive body image
  • Yoga classes focused on self-compassion, practicing acceptance, non-attachment, or self-compassion
  • Guided meditation on gratitude
  • Body-positive pilates classes

We teamed up with a number of our female instructors on Moxie, who have led the charge in addressing body image issues in their work to help us plan Love Your Body Week. Here's what body-positivity means to them, along with classes they've agreed to teach:

"Body positivity is about feeling really good in your skin, waking up releasing the idea that I need to "fix" a certain part of my body or compare it to someone else's. It's about feeling strong and confident both in the "gym" and in my life. Being able to stand in my true power every day and not apologizing for any of it!"Kristie Alicea.

Kristie will host a a Sweat Celebration HIIT-style class where participants are encouraged to find their limits and get excited about how far they can push themselves. Visit her studio.

"[Body positivity means] loving my body, not hating it by saying mean things like "Fat." It means feeding my body good things and accepting it by not comparing it to the next body! We all come in different shapes and sizes!" Ashley Edwards.

Ashley will host a Love Your Curves strength & flexibility class to debunk the myth that lifting heavy will make you look bulky. Visit her studio.

"To me, body positivity is a practice in self-care. It's intentionally using as many strategies as I can to feel more comfortable in my body.

For me, it includes:

  • Wearing clothing that I can move easily in and expresses my unique style.
  • Moving because it feels good and helps me to do activities in my life more easily.
  • Eating in a way that nourishes and fuels my body.
  • Limiting any diet culture messaging found in magazines, on TV, and in social media - anything that tries to convince me that I'm not good enough.
  • Laughing, rest and sleep, pleasure, and spending time outside.
  • Not engaging in body-bashing conversations.
  • Practicing acceptance that my body is always changing and adapting to life and non-attachment to know that just because I look one way today, it may not be that way tomorrow.

It's a practice because I don't always feel positive about my body, but if I can feel neutral about it, it's a win." Jessie Dwiggins.

Jessie will host a series of workshops on Mindful Eating and Befriend Your Body yoga classes. Visit her studio.

We welcome the whole Moxie community to attend our Love Your Body Week classes March 22-28 and participate in this vital conversation! We'll be back soon with the live schedule.