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Growing Your Online Fitness Business: Part 2 - Your 10-Step Plan

Growing Your Online Fitness Business: Part 2 - Your 10-Step Plan

. 4 min read

Over the last few months, we've talked to dozens of instructors and identified what top performers are doing that help them succeed on Moxie. We've put those insights into this 10-step to-do list, so you have a roadmap to growing your online instructor business on Moxie. Read on!

Step #1: Do the Strategy Session

Whether you're new to fitness or a seasoned pro, a personalized strategy session with our team is the quickest way to jumpstart your online fitness business on Moxie. We're here to help you do you better.

Click here to book your strategy session.

Step #2: Create a Test Class

Moxie is like no other platform out there—it's optimized for online fitness and easy to use, even for the most technically challenged. Don't believe us? Set up a test class, invite your friends, and give Moxie a whirl. Read our how-to on creating a class on Moxie.

Step #3: Attend a Class

It's time to experience Moxie as your students do. The best way to get inspired and familiar with your new online studio is by taking a class with our top instructors. Not sure who to choose? Browse all instructors or check out some of our faves.

Oh, we almost forgot: It's on us! Get a free credit towards one of these classes by attending a Moxie Strategy Session (if you haven't already).

Step #4: Set Up Your Classes

Tired of tracking down payments? Paying more commission than you earn? No one works harder for your students than you do. So, you should see the fruits of your labor. With Moxie, you do. But first, you'll need to set up your payment information. Don't worry; it's pretty easy.

Set up your payment information (U.S. only).

Step #5: Get ready to teach

As you're getting ready to teach on Moxie, may we recommend some additional reading? Our handy guides help you make sure you've got all the details covered before your first class so that you can focus on teaching.

Perfect Your Tech: A guide to the best devices for online fitness

Home Studio Design Tips: Do's and Don'ts for Online Fitness Instructors

Step #6: Setup Subscriptions and Videos

Are you wondering how to get your students to come back week after week? Help them create a fitness routine that includes YOU by offering subscription plans!

When your students purchase your weekly or monthly subscription, they unlock unlimited access to your live group classes AND video-on-demand library (PREMIUM Members Only)—giving them more reasons to come back every week.

Set up a subscription plan.

Step #7: Attend a Train the Trainer Session

Let's be honest; moving from teaching in a studio to teaching in front of a camera is full of new challenges. It can be hard enough to remember your left from your right—add to that learning how to run your own business, and it can quickly feel overwhelming.

We're making the transition a bit easier with help from our head of Instructor Programming, Leah. Learn best practices on becoming a rockstar instructor, building your business, and delivering the best virtual fitness experience possible in her weekly 'Level Up with Leah' session.

If you're ready to take your instructor game to the next level, register here (you can also catch her on-demand in our video library)

Step #8: Meet Our Instructor Community

When you join Moxie, you become part of a supportive, experienced community of instructors from around the world. We asked them for their top tips for building their brand. Here's what they said:

"Post video clips from recordings and after-workout pictures. People like to see other people doing the workout because they don't want to be the only ones or just one of a few in class. Also, the videos give people a good idea of what to expect!" -Jordan Yates @JordanYatesFitness
"My number one tool for online classes is word of mouth. Ensuring everyone in my class feels like they were noticed and connected with is important and helps as a natural marketing tool. If they feel welcome and connected, they are more likely to tell other people." -Heather Plumberg @Porsche_Louise
"I've noticed that my best time to post is usually late afternoon because I always teach morning classes so that when people are scrolling through at night or after work, they see it." -Jordan Owashi @Jowashi

Try, experiment, and create your own Moxie Top Tips!

Step #9: Promote Yourself

Your Moxie class is more than just a workout; it's about forming a community. Building a strong connection with your students will help you get repeats, referrals, and of course, more earnings, so you can continue doing what you love!

See our favorite examples of how top instructors on Moxie promote their classes on Instagram and build a loyal FitFam.

Step #10: Get Started

You made it! We hope you've enjoyed our tips on jumpstarting your online fitness business.

What's next on the list? It's time for you to shine. As an instructor on Moxie, we know you've got the determination and passion it takes to succeed. We're here to help you on this journey, so reach out at any time.

We're excited to see what's in store for you!