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Feel-Good Fitness: How to Give Back this GivingTuesday

Feel-Good Fitness: How to Give Back this GivingTuesday

. 2 min read

Black Friday is so out of shape this year, so we’re leaning into something stronger: GivingTuesday! Celebrate #FitGivingTuesday and raise money for your favorite cause, with a 100% match from Moxie.

How does it work?

Any instructor can host a fitness fundraiser class on Moxie on GivingTuesday. Moxie will match the amount raised, dollar for dollar.

Get Started with Your Fundraiser:

To participate, you’ll need to do a few things first:

  1. Schedule a class on Moxie for December 1, 2020. Your class must be scheduled as FLEX PAY, use the term “FitGivingTuesday” in the description and/or title, and specify your designated charity in the description.
  2. Register your class using this form.
  3. Provide a qualifying 501c(3) organization that you are raising money for by 11/30.

Promote Your #FitGivingTuesday Class

After you register your class, you can download our social media image templates and kit that you can use to promote your class on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and beyond. We also recommend:

Once you choose your charity for your GivingTuesday class:

  • Tag that organization in your announcement post on social media
  • Private message/email the organization to make them aware of your class and see if they can share your post

Use hashtags in your post:

  • #MoxieTime
  • #FitGivingTuesday

Mind the details:

  • Include the title, day, date, time, and time zone when announcing the class


How will Moxie calculate the donations?

Moxie will count all FLEX PAY payments made to you from 12:01 AM PST on December 1, 2020, until 11:59 PM PST on December 1, 2020.

How will the matching donation be sent?

By December 5, 2020, Moxie will make a matching donation directly to your chosen charity equivalent to the amount you raised on December 1.

Can Moxie help promote my class?

Moxie will provide participating instructors with a social media kit to help spread the word.

What if I host multiple classes on December 1?

If you don't want all of your FLEX PAY payments going towards your fundraiser, we recommend scheduling other classes as paid classes.

Can I create my fundraiser as a paid class?

No. Only registered FLEX PAY classes will be counted as a fundraiser.

Can I donate to multiple charities?

No. We recommend choosing one charity for your fundraiser.

All organizations and/or charities associated with this event have no affiliation with Moxie People Inc. ("Moxie") and do not represent the opinions of Moxie.