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How to Earn Passive Income from Your Fitness Videos

How to Earn Passive Income from Your Fitness Videos

. 4 min read

At-home workouts aren't anything new (Tae Bo on VHS, anyone?). But there's no denying that they saw a revival in 2020. YouTube reported back in May 2020 that views on home workout videos climbed by 515% since the pandemic had started. And the momentum built over the last few months is paving a new course (and new revenue stream) for fitness instructors.

So, the big question is: how can you, as a fitness instructor, jump on this trend and create a passive revenue stream from your workout videos?

Start with Where Your Videos Live

Early in the pandemic, many fitness professionals created beautiful fitness videos and hosted them on video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. However, with no way to monetize them they quickly found that their hard work didn't pay off.

Sure, some top fitpros can indeed earn money by allowing advertisements to play during their videos. But, it takes time to build an audience on these platforms, and you won't start seeing a consistent paycheck until your numbers are in the thousands. To put it into context, you'd need about 50,000 views per day to make $100.

Add to that no easy way for your students to donate or pay you, and you've just spent an enormous amount of time and energy with no return on your investment.

So, You Need to Build a Paywall

If you're serious about building your fitness business, creating free videos won't cut it. You need to create a paywall that allows you to charge for access to your valuable content.

Many instructors are afraid to transition their free content to paid content. Will they anger their audience? Does anyone really want to pay for their content? And how much would they be willing to dish out?

Ruth Hulett, a yoga instructor on Moxie, told us that her students "appreciate having the classes & video library all in one place." She was also "happily surprised by how often students go back and repeat the video of a class they've attended."

If you're still worried about how your audience may react, you can ask them! If you have a loyal following of students who join you weekly for a virtual group fitness class, quiz them about their feelings on video-on-demand and how much they'd pay. If you really want to soften the blow, consider creating a hidden subscription to grandfather in your existing students at a lower price point.

Setting it Up is Easy

On Moxie, there are a couple of ways to set up this paywall. First, if you have existing content that you are hosting on YouTube or Vimeo, you want to bring this over to Moxie. Our super simple uploader makes this effortless.

Then, you can create a fitness subscription plan. When a member purchases a weekly or monthly subscription, they'll get unlimited access to both your live and VOD classes. (By the way, your live classes are automatically recorded and added to your VOD library, literally saving you hours of editing and uploading time).

You can also create a VOD-only subscription for members who cannot commit to streaming sessions but still want to work out with you (new mommies, raise their hand!).

Moxie instructor Donna Dufrene-Alvizo told us, "I have several subscribers that cannot make the class times, and having an On-Demand library allows them to do their favorite classes on their own time! It also helps me as an instructor to not feel overwhelmed with having to figure out how to teach more classes in my already packed day."

Create Extra Value

A VOD library is a great way to create extra value for your students and make them feel they are getting the most bang from their buck. You can take it one step further and create a customized VOD experience with Collections. Collections allow you to create the perfect fitness playlist for your subscribers, so they get that 'personal touch' from you.

Here are a couple of ways you can deliver that personalized experience with your Collections:

Organize by type. Create collections that segment your videos by workout type, muscle target, intensity, or duration. This helps your subscribers quickly find your videos for killer abs, post-workout stretches, or express cardio sessions.

Create a weekly playlist. Guide your students through the week with workouts that build off of each other. For example, you can create a Collection that includes cardio, yoga, and strength workouts to target the whole body. Or, if you're focusing on core work one week, incorporate exercises that start with basic movements and add more complexity as the week goes on.

Create a challenge. Get your students motivated with a compilation of several videos. Can they do 10 VOD Yoga sessions in 10 days? Or a week's worth of 15-minute meditation sessions?

Video on Demand as a Marketing Tool

Another excellent use of video on demand is to reach new audiences that couldn't typically take your virtual live or in-person classes.

Share on social. Create a short promo video or slideshow that showcases your VOD library and money-saving subscription plans—but remember to focus on the benefits not the features. Rather than simply telling people about these things, highlight how it will help them reach their fitness goals.

Gamify Your Fitness Videos. Pair a Collection with a hidden subscription to promote a Fitness Challenge to new and existing subscribers. Read more about setting up challenges.

Think Beyond Your Town. Moxie instructor, Jordan Yates, told us that "VOD has allowed me to reach students in many different time zones. People who may not make my live classes can still take part in the fun on their schedule!" When working on social media outreach, think about how you can target people who may not be in your region, perhaps through hashtags or groups. Get more marketing ideas for your fitbusiness.

Need some extra guidance on setting up your VOD library? Check out this video created by our Head of Level-Up, Leah.