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Level-Up: Dance into Confidence with Fiorella

Level-Up: Dance into Confidence with Fiorella

. 1 min read

Do you want to improve your dance fitness teaching game but aren't sure how to do it? Moxie Instructor, Fiorella, felt the same way when she started teaching. Now, as an experienced HIIT, Zumba, and Strong Nation instructor, she's put together a few helpful commandments that will help you build your confidence as a dance fitness instructor.

  1. Exude confidence. Your students want to join your class to have a fun time, sweat, and feel good. Your job is to create a high-energy, exciting atmosphere for them, so do whatever you need to do to get yourself in the zone before stepping into the (virtual) studio. For Fiorella, that means playing her favorite power song, touching up her lipstick, and turning on the disco lights!
  2. Know your core moves. Every teacher will have a set of core moves that they tend to use most frequently. These moves serve as a base where you can gradually add in more complexity. For example, a squat can become a jump squat, or squat with knee raise.
  3. Perfect your cues. Once you know your core moves, create the cues to accompany them. These cues are like a secret language and will signal to your students what is coming next in the class.  They should be easily recognizable and consistent across all of your classes, so practice and perfect them.
  4. Know your routines. There are so many fun dance routines to teach, but only try a new routine once you have fully mastered and memorized it.
  5. Keep a step ahead. As you're guiding your students through the routine, you need to be thinking about the next move so the transition is smooth and reduces injury risk. Plan to always be a step or beat ahead of them so they can see what's coming next.
  6. Let your personality shine. Your students will choose your class over other instructors because they like your quirkiness, energy or sunny smile, so let it shine!

Did you love these tips? Get more insights from Fiorella and other instructors in our video-on-demand library. Happy watching!