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Converting Moxie Pass Customers into Clients

Converting Moxie Pass Customers into Clients

. 2 min read

Unlike other fitness platforms like Peloton and Apple Fitness, which offer one-directional instruction, Moxie facilitates interactive coaching with two-way live streaming, messaging, and features that help people achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

Customers know that no matter where they live or where they travel, they can book a class on Moxie and train live with inspiring coaches that truly connect with them and keep them active and engaged.

For the launch of Moxie Pass, we’ve invested heavily in consumer marketing to funnel new students into your classes and grow your client base.

Here are strategies you can use to create a connected fitness experience that keeps them coming back:

Get Moxie Verified.

The Moxie verified blue badge is intended to help Moxie users identify instructors who provide an excellent overall class experience.

To be considered, you must have completed at least eight classes on Moxie, and have at least a month’s worth of future classes scheduled. Once you have met the teaching criteria, schedule a meeting with our Head of Fitness Talent Development here.

Use customers' names.

Make your class experience personal. Research shows that our brains become ecstatic when we hear our name called. Personalize the experience by using clients' names often throughout the workout.

For example, "Meg, I see you in that plank. Stay strong; we're almost there." "Tony, keep up the good work. I like your pace today; you got this!" "Rebecca, get a little lower into that squat. Yes! Embrace the burn."

Keep tabs on clients.

Start tracking client's goals and values, particularly those connected to the work you are doing together.  Make a list of stories your clients have told you about themselves. Keep track of this list for each of your clients to remind them what's important to them. You can use this list as a source of inspiration when you're periodically following up with them.

Celebrate wins.

Throughout the class, make sure you're looking up at the screen to check clients' forms, make corrections if needed, and congratulate them when they're doing things correctly.  Celebrating clients wins provides an overall positive environment for your students to work up a sweat and feel confident.

Follow up and touch bases often.

Identify your client’s goals and encourage them to keep going. Set a reminder on your phone to reconnect with people who’ve attended your classes.

Shout them out using Moxie Messaging when they’ve attended three or more sessions. Congratulate them on an achievement, wish them a happy birthday, ask them how their family is doing, or inquire about an event you saw them post on social media. Use that list of the stories they shared with you.

Encourage clients to book the next session.

Use the cool-down room to encourage clients to commit to their next class. Ask When can I see you next?

Bonus! Support your fellow coaches. One major benefit of Moxie Pass is the ability for instructors to encourage cross-training. As coaches, we can't be an expert at every modality.

Encourage clients to take classes with other quality instructors on the Moxie platform that might teach a modality complementary to your own.