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Ready for a Challenge? New on Moxie

Ready for a Challenge? New on Moxie

. 5 min read

Moxie is a place for people with big ambitions and dreams. It's a place where people are fueled to live healthy lives and accomplish their goals. Anywhere. Anytime. It's an essential part of who we are and inspires us to continue delivering new and meaningful ways to enrich people's lives.

In the past few months, we’ve conducted hundreds of instructor interviews and we repeatedly heard that your clients need help building a consistent workout habit. They want to retain their connection with you and better track their progress, and they want a way to compete with other class participants.

We heard you loud and clear, and we've got you covered!

Introducing Moxie challenges.

Starting December 29th, coaches can create challenges as an extension of their membership offerings to help clients stay motivated, commit to their goals, and connect with their friends. Challenges on Moxie allow customers to experience a series of world-class workouts with top instructors ready to help them hit their goals.

Whether customers are just starting their fitness journey, ready to HIIT it hard, or love a good yoga flow, they can choose from a variety of challenges on Moxie to fit their schedule.

Here's an example to inspire you:

7-Day Self Care Challenge

  • Day 1 - Morning Meditation
  • Day 2- Gentle Seated Yoga
  • Day 3 - Evening Unwind
  • Day 4 - Lunch time Desk Stretch
  • Day 5- Back Relief Yoga
  • Day 6- Visualization Breathwork
  • Day 7- Full Body Flow

30-Day, 10-Day, or 7-Day Fitness Challenge is a great way to keep your clients active and engaged. The trick to these challenges is planning your workouts and making sure you can commit to hosting those classes (rain or shine). Think classes like 12 Days of Core, 30 Days until Summer, 10 Days of Yoga, or 15-Day Sweat & Lift. Get creative and tailor your classes to your clients needs.

How does it work?

Getting started is simple—to streamline navigation on your profile, the current Subscribe tab will become the “Membership” tab. This tab will place all subscriptions, challenges, and packages in one place.

Here are your steps:

Step 1: Define the Goals

Establish a tangible goal to determine the success of your fitness challenge. This goes for both you and your clients. Before you start anything, sit down and map out what you want from this challenge. With each goal you write down, make sure you have a way to measure it.

Next, decide how many classes you'll be teaching in the fitness challenge series. Make sure you can commit to this cadence so your students can count on it. If they see that you offer four classes one week and two the next, they might not think the challenge is worth it.

Step 2: Name your challenge

When creating your challenge name, include searchable keywords that make it easy to find you on the app and web and provide insight into the challenge. For example, if you’re hosting a strength challenge, use strength in the name i.e. 30 Day Love Your Strength Challenge. If your focus is yoga, use yoga in the name i.e. 10 Day Yoga Challenge.

Step 3: Schedule the challenge

Moxie Challenge allows you to schedule in advance or allow clients to start the challenge immediately upon signing up. Define the format that you think works best for your clientele. Set the amount of time the challenge is available for.

Plus, choose which classes will be included in the challenge.

Step 4: Add descriptions to your challenges

Remember to add a detailed description to each Challenge that lets your members know what to expect, what equipment they'll need, or any special tips you have.

Bonus! When someone signs up for a challenge they will automatically be booked into all of the classes in that challenge. It's a great way to ensure all your classes are filled early on.

Classes that are attached to challenges will appear on the individual class pages to help upsell your studio offerings and encourage other customers to purchase the challenge.

If someone is signed up for a specific subscription and you offer a challenge that has those same classes included, at no extra charge. If they have not booked all the classes in the series they will be prompted to purchase the challenge.

In addition to Challenges, we've added even more customization options for subscriptions and packages, including the ability to add specific classes (live, VOD, and in-person) to your subscriptions and packages. You can create specific collections of VOD or live classes to offer with specific types of memberships.

Monitor Your Clients Progress:

Your clients depend on you to push them to make progress—use Moxie Reports feature to view current subscriptions and/or challenges for each of your clients, manage your income, better forecast your future revenue, track your clients’ progress, and more.

With client progress reports you have a comprehensive rundown of your full client list, the number of classes and challenges they've booked and attended, as well as the number of video-on-demand views from their class packages.

Pro Tip: Use this information to give your students kudos for showing up consistently or reach out to a client with poor attendance to understand what’s happening.

Coming in January, customers will be able to track all of their progress within each challenge on their profiles and in the app.

See you in the studio!