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Building Your Personal Brand: A Complete Guide for Online Fitness Instructors

Building Your Personal Brand: A Complete Guide for Online Fitness Instructors

. 6 min read

People buy from people, and who you are is an asset to growing your business. It's not enough to open a virtual fitness studio and start scheduling classes – you have to communicate what you do and make a memorable first impression on potential clients. That's branding, and it's a massive part of how you will make money as an online fitness professional. The tricky thing about branding yourself is that you know, and we know, that there is so much more to you than that first impression. You've got talent! You've for passion! And you're going to want to share all of that through your Moxie profile and social media platforms.

It begins with your brand's outer layers – the photos you use, the stories you tell, the content you produce, and how you show up each day for your clients. In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into key elements you can use to attract your dream clients and create a compelling personal brand that tells people who you are, what you do, and why you're the right fit for them.

The Importance of Imagery

Put yourself in the client's shoes. If you're scrolling online looking to book an online class and you see a variety of HIIT, strength, dance, and yoga instructors you can choose from, how do you pick? Sure, there's your profile image, a short bio, class description, and certifications, but most of this is in text form, so the visual component becomes crucial to creating an authentic connection and drive them to book a class.

With the launch of the new Moxie profile page, there are now three places you can use your visuals to connect with clients: your profile image, your cover photo, and your photo gallery.

Here are some tips on what to put in each:

  • Profile image: Upload either a headshot or action shot, ensuring it is taken in good light with a high-quality lens and your face fits in the frame.
  • Cover Photo: Your Moxie cover photo should reinforce who you are and visually support your profile's written portions. Considering selecting a photo that shows your studio space, showcases your clients or community, or captures you in action.
  • Gallery: Use your gallery to share even more of those fabulous images. You can share up to 10 high-resolution and quality photos of you exercising or leading a class.

Here are some examples from other instructors on Moxie:

Jessie Dwiggins profile:
Teresa Malone profile:

If you do not have professional images of yourself and can't afford the investment we recommend getting help from a friend

Tips on Capturing Professional Images

  • Give yourself options: you’ll want at least four high-resolution, high-quality photos. This should include two headshots for profile pictures and at least two pictures of you in action, exercising, or leading a class.
  • You can prepare for your photoshoot by getting your hair done, getting your makeup done (if that's your thing), and choosing a wardrobe that best fits your brand image.
  • Take advantage of natural light
  • Watch out for too much sun
  • Look for a simple background
  • Take lots of pictures (try different smiles and expressions)

Communicating Your Value: Effective Writing

While visual representation is an integral part of the puzzle, your brand is more than pretty pictures; it's how you tell your story, share your expertise and credentials with people who don't know you. We like to think of it as similar to an elevator pitch. Your profile needs to offer a quick synopsis of your background and experience without stumbling over your words and leaving customers confused about what it is you do.

Writing Your Profile Bio

Start your bio by introducing yourself and then speak directly to the type of clients you want to attract. The most significant way you can communicate who you are and what you do is to answer these questions: Who do you serve? What is their problem? How you solve it? And then what is the outcome? You could also share your mission statement or coaching mantras you use to encourage your students.

Here are some additional examples from other instructors on Moxie:

Dominique Gruber Profile:
Jackie Hooper profile:

PRO TIP: We recommend that you focus your bio on telling your story and rather than listing your certifications and specialties, as there is now a separate dedicated area in your Moxie profile for you to include this information.

  • In the experience section of your profile, you'll now be able to list gyms and studios you worked at, if any, and or how long you've been teaching.
  • For the certifications and specialties area, make sure you highlight any relevant professional certification you have and how it serves your clients (e,g, you rock at Vinyasa Yoga).
Ashley Lose profile:

Connect to Your Audience with Video

Videos are the best way to introduce yourself and give clients a feel for your energy and personality. When representing your brand, pick a video that shows your best work – the depth and breadth of the services you offer.

Before selecting your videos to represent your personal brand ask yourself:

  • Is it a high-quality video?
  • Is it a great representation of your personality?
  • Is it a class format you’ll teach regularly?

With the latest update to your instructor profile, you can now choose three videos to highlight on the right side of your screen. We recommend using your introduction video and two other videos of you teaching a class.

To keep it simple, select your studio recording from your Moxie classes. The advantage is that potential students can preview videos created on Moxie as a teaser for your class. While you can upload Youtube videos to your on-demand library, they do not offer a preview mode.

Moxie automatically generates three-minute video previews starting from five minutes into your class. Make sure you are speaking, motivating, or coaching for a portion of the videos.

PRO TIP: Continue to build your video-on-demand library by recording your classes. Next, you can set up a subscription package for clients to access these videos anytime and earn passive income.

Exercises to Build Your Branding Muscles:

  1. Browse a list of instructors on the 'Find Classes' page. Spend one minute on an instructor's profile, then minimize the page and write down one thing you remembered about each person. Did they mention something memorable that stood out to you?
  2. The intention of your profile is to create a connection beyond what you do. Once you've written your profile, read it to a friend and ask what stood out to them.

Before You Go: Navigation Made Easy

We’ve streamlined the instructor navigation menu to provide easy access to the key functions you need to run your studio. The new menu is located on the left side of your new profile where you can effortlessly manage your videos, clients, subscriptions and payments. You can also access the Moxie messaging feature, invite your friends to Moxie, and link to your healthcare benefits.

If you are using the mobile version of the Moxie website your navigation menu will be located at the bottom of the page as pictured below.

Oh, we almost forgot: If you need any help setting up your profile or navigating the new features, attend a Moxie Strategy Session (if you haven't already).