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Next on Level Up—build your online presence & engage your audience with Jenny Rearick.

Next on Level Up—build your online presence & engage your audience with Jenny Rearick.

. 2 min read

Are you looking to elevate your on-screen presence? Want to learn how to create more meaningful connections with your clients that allow for a more engaging experience?

Jenny Rearick of Fit To Speak, is coming to Level Up to host two 60-minute sessions that will teach you how to effectively communicate and engage your clients. These classes are meant to be attended as a series for an optimal learning experience, but you have the option to attend either one as an individual session.

You could attend both sessions for free! Read on to learn more.

Jenny is a communication and presentation skills coach, gym owner, personal trainer, and educator. As a communications guru, Jenny is on a mission to teach trainers, coaches, and practitioners the foundational elements of effective communication and then coach them in the application of those skills.

What you get in both sessions:

  • An overview of physical and vocal speaking skills and how they impact perception.
  • Worksheets with practice exercises to hone your skills.
  • An accountability group focused on helping you implement what you learned.
  • Unlimited access to the recorded version of the session.

If you can properly communicate, you will open doors that can lead to new opportunities, clients, and more money.

Session 1: Creating On-Screen Presence.

When: Monday, September 13th, 12:00 pm EST on Level Up

Cost: $10

What you’ll learn:

  • How to manage your body language in a virtual environment
  • To convey confidence and build trust with your clients.
  • Ways to use your voice to take command, express enthusiasm, and make it easy to connect with your clients in the studio.

This class is perfect for coaches who need support transferring their in-person coaching skills into the virtual world, or anyone looking to take their communication skills to the next level.

Sign up here.

Session 2: Tactics to Engage Your Audience

When: Friday, September 17th, 12:00 pm EST on Level Up

Cost: $10

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create a more engaging experience for your clients from start to finish.
  • Strategies on how to close class and get clients excited to come back.
  • Communication tactics to build rapport with your clientele.

After both these sessions you’ll have the skills and techniques to communicate effectively with confidence, and provide your students an engaging and impactful experience from start to finish.

Sign up here.

How to take class for free:

Each of these classes costs $10 ($20 combined value.) If you teach at least four classes on Moxie with attendees by August 31st, email to receive a refund of these class purchases.