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Black Leaders Day Instructor Spotlight – Stacy Woodley

Black Leaders Day Instructor Spotlight – Stacy Woodley

. 2 min read

As a part of our Black Leaders Day celebration, we are sharing the stories of our Black instructors and supporting the causes that matter most to them.

Today we have the opportunity to celebrate Stacy Woodley. She specializes in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that increases muscle gains, fat loss, metabolism, and overall cardiovascular health.

Read more about Stacy below and visit her Moxie studio to join her for a class.

Q&A with Stacy Woodley

  • Tell us a bit about your journey to becoming a fitness instructor. How did you get started? Is there an achievement you’re particularly proud of?

My fitness journey began at an early age because of my love for sports, people, and being in shape. I've always enjoyed bringing the best out of people whether in the gym, fitness classes or in life.

I became interested in becoming an instructor after college. I was encouraged by my mother to get my certification. I would train friends, family, and colleagues on a regular for free in the past and realized I was good at it. After I became certified, I decided it would be best to start my own business — F8tail  Fitness LLC.

  • What is your coaching philosophy or mantra?

"Every day is a gift to make your health and wellness a priority."
“If it's burning it's working."
"Can't grow if you've plateaued.”  
“Results come with consistency."

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership means the ability to inspire, encourage and influence when situations are stable and unstable.  

  • How important is it for you to be a wellness leader in the black community?

Wellness is extremely important in the black community especially since we lead in most Chronic diseases such as Type II diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, etc. This is due to a variety of reasons — having access to health care, being able to afford it, and being treated at a facility where physicians respect and believe our explanation as to why we are there.

  • We’re excited to get to know the charity you are supporting! Who are they and why are they special to you?

Black Lives Matter Seacoast is the charity I'm supporting. BLM Seacoast was formed in July 2020 by three Seacoast community members during the height of 2020 racial injustices, police brutality, and anti-blackness. BLM Seacoast is important to me because they are confronting the issues and providing awareness and solutions for the community to change for a better future.

  • Is there someone in the Black community or a figure in history who inspires you and whom you wish more folks knew about? We’d love to hear about them!

My mother is my Black history figure who inspires me to be my best even when times are difficult. She was born and raised in Mound Bayou MS in an all-black town similar to the "Black Wall Street" in Tulsa Oklahoma. She is the youngest girl of 13 children. My grandmother gave birth to 10 boys and three girls. She and her siblings chopped cotton in the fields of Mississippi growing up. She raised three children as a single mother and managed to support us financially, physically, and emotionally. All of us are college graduates (including my mother). We are homeowners and entrepreneurs with a sense of duty to give back to the community.

My mother is the definition of unconditional love. She gives not to receive but because someone is in need. She has always put others first. Throughout her life, she's inspired so many people. She is a front-line health provider as an RN Manager and the person that I will always look up to until I take my last breath.

Join Stacy for a class.