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Black Leaders Day by the Numbers

Black Leaders Day by the Numbers

. 1 min read

On Black Leaders Day, our Moxie family united to amplify our Black Instructors' voices and support dozens of nonprofit organizations focused on health, education, rights, and community development for people of color in the U.S.

From yoga to HIIT, to Barre and strength training workouts, people came together to sweat and support one another as we've never seen before.

Thirty-seven Black instructors hosted sixty-six classes with 197 people in attendance. Fifty-four of those in attendance had never joined a Moxie fitness class before and gave virtual fitness a try to support a worthy cause.

Along with Moxie's $5 per attendee contribution, instructors and students raised over $3,300 for great causes chosen by Moxie Black Leaders.

These are the charities we supported:

• Black Women for Wellness
• Fair Fight
• The Okra Project
• Black Women's Health Imperative
• Susan Mast ALS Foundation
• Until Freedom
• Hope Connections for Cancer
• Black Lives Matter
• Kincaid Kindred Spirits
• Mae's Breath Foundation
• Pearls of Purpose Foundation
• Lionhearted Legend
• Operation HOPE
• Opening Act
• Black Boys OM
• The Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association
• National Black Farmers Association
• Black Light Arts Collective
• Womanspace
• Truth for Raleigh
• Black Girls Code
• Seacoast Black Lives Matter
• 100 Black Men of Metropolitan
• Black Doctors COVID Consortium
• Feed America!
• Girl Trek
• Association of Black Cardiologists
• Damion Gosa Memorial Foundation
• Girls on the run
• Campaign Zero

Thank you Moxie family for celebrating Black Leaders Day with us!